Sustainable Technologies

Plant Protection (Plants, cultures, green spaces, etc.)

A phyto product is used in agriculture to protect cultures against parasites (insects, Fungi, weeds…). World market 40B€. 1st agric. in Eu France biggest phyto user (1,8Billion€ !).

Regulation & awareness convince politicians,

This is an alternative fuel technology to generate power using hydrogen fuel (HHO gas) that is derived from water by electrolysis. Hydrogen is the clean fuel of the future.

Ocean Energy focuses on transforming ocean and sea wave energy into sustainable electric energy for every soul on earth, using a first of its kind wave turbine.

The artificial dikes and harbors are packed with wave-absorbing blocks to absorb the impact of the waves. Power wave block is a wave-absorbing block that absorbs waves and converts kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Elephants and other wild animals are accidentally killed by trains when crossing rail lines at night. The picture of an accident of train with animal (especially an elephant) brings me great suffering. For this reason I propose a concept to avoid these accidents.

The world is beginning to search for alternative sources of energy. I have produced bio-fuels from used and new oils that are worth applying because the specifications and composition of biodiesel from cooking oils is better than ordinary diesel in terms of low carbon emissions, no sulfur,

Ray Mckenzie and Mac Chaney designed the RayMac Compressor and obtained US and International patents on an Advanced Concept Linear Compressor.

Realizing the huge stress placed upon sustainable energy from heating and cooling demands in residential and small to medium-sized business locations,

The ReGenX Generator innovation is unique in that it reverses Generator Armature Reaction.

Generator Armature Reaction is directly responsible for 80% of the financial input cost associated with electric power generation and 80% of the waste and pollution.

How does flapping panels turbine work?

The Flap Turbine (FT) is a novel type of vertical axis turbine (VAWT) where the blades are made of movable flaps. These movable flaps, when combined together, act as a sail or blade for the VAWT.

According the title, the lights of a vehicle can be reused using "fiber optics." At night the vehicle's front headlamp lights can be reused.

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