Sustainable Technologies

Plant Protection (Plants, cultures, green spaces, etc.)

A phyto product is used in agriculture to protect cultures against parasites (insects, Fungi, weeds…). World market 40B€. 1st agric. in Eu France biggest phyto user (1,8Billion€ !).

Regulation & awareness convince politicians, collectivities and professional to replace chemical phyto by natural phyto. GreenProtech developed different natural products to chemical offering alternative solutions.
• Agriculture : cereals, vegetable gardening, horticult., red fruits, olive grove, grapevine ;
• Green spaces : golfs, roadway, sport fields, gardens, cemeteries ;
• Market (F) : 1,5Mha agricult. bio, 28Mha convent. + pro & amateur green spaces (GS);
• Revenues (F) 310M€ agri. bio, 4Billions€ convent. ; 600M€ GS = 4B€ ; Eu> 10B€ ;


This is an alternative fuel technology to generate power using hydrogen fuel (HHO gas) that is derived from water by electrolysis. Hydrogen is the clean fuel of the future. It is the most abundant element in the universe that also contains more energy than most hydrocarbon fuels and is generated from water, which too, is available in abundance on our planet.

The splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis consumes a significant amount of electrical power, and the resulting hydrogen produced creates a power deficit. This system is designed to produce 35% more power to feed back into the electrolytic cell for production of HHO, thereby compensating for the deficit. This additional 35% is obtained by an ...

Ocean Energy focuses on transforming ocean and sea wave energy into sustainable electric energy for every soul on earth, using a first of its kind wave turbine.

1) Continuous electricity (24*7*365)
2) Giving access even to remote areas via 'Portable Energy' concept
3) Zero carbon and other gas emissions
4) Independent, Stand-Alone Wave Turbine Systems (Size of these facilities can be varied as per needs and requirements of factories/organizations/society/governments.)
5) Super cheap electricity
6) Solutions to automate and energy saving
7) 'Smart Electricity Concept': A device that learns using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to adjust the amount and intensity of electricity required for a particular job. And accordingly supplying the electricity for optimal usage.
8) NO ...

The artificial dikes and harbors are packed with wave-absorbing blocks to absorb the impact of the waves. Power wave block is a wave-absorbing block that absorbs waves and converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. It can protect the coast while re-using the kinetic energy of the waves rather than only passively blocking.

Power wave block uses the principle of electromagnetic power generation. It allows the waves to enter and drive the flaots to move up and down to produce electric currents and reach the power generation effects. Through the smart grid, it can allocate the produced electricity to harbors and cities along the coast and create a new thinking of reproducing ...

Elephants and other wild animals are accidentally killed by trains when crossing rail lines at night. The picture of an accident of train with animal (especially an elephant) brings me great suffering. For this reason I propose a concept to avoid these accidents.

I think that if hot water of 40c to 50c (104f 1 to 122f ) is thrown by sprayer on an animal, then they will run away from the place, and some water of this temperature does not have any effect on the skin. If any scents are present to chase away the animal that can be mixed with the water.

For this technique, I suggest at first the speed of the train in the forest ...

The world is beginning to search for alternative sources of energy. I have produced bio-fuels from used and new oils that are worth applying because the specifications and composition of biodiesel from cooking oils is better than ordinary diesel in terms of low carbon emissions, no sulfur, and high thermal capacity. The utility of the project would help to solve the problems caused by the dumping of cooking oil in sewage ...

Ray Mckenzie and Mac Chaney designed the RayMac Compressor and obtained US and International patents on an Advanced Concept Linear Compressor.

Realizing the huge stress placed upon sustainable energy from heating and cooling demands in residential and small to medium-sized business locations, we began work on a sizable energy reduction plan. Our objectives began to focus upon developing a sustainable HVAC compressor with as many advanced features as possible to improve the environment in the most efficient way. However, we realized that with our advanced concept, we could offer many more features that would allow us to serve energy reduction in other markets as well. In the process, we began to focus upon common HVAC problems in other compressors as ...

The ReGenX Generator innovation is unique in that it reverses Generator Armature Reaction.

Generator Armature Reaction is directly responsible for 80% of the financial input cost associated with electric power generation and 80% of the waste and pollution.

Generator Armature Reaction is a Counter-Electromagnetic-Torque which is produced by the magnetic fields which are created around the current bearing wires inside all conventional generators when they are placed on-load and when delivering electric power.

The generator's on-load induced counter torque performs negative work in opposition to the torque direction provided by the prime mover (input power from; wind, water, diesel, nuclear etc.) and always necessitates an increase in the mechanical drive shaft input power to the generator which is provided by the ...

How does flapping panels turbine work?

The Flap Turbine (FT) is a novel type of vertical axis turbine (VAWT) where the blades are made of movable flaps. These movable flaps, when combined together, act as a sail or blade for the VAWT. This type of turbine is also known as a check valve turbine because of the check valve like the behavior of the moving flaps. When the sail is moving in the downwind direction, the flaps are closed and will not allow air (water if the turbine operates in the water) to pass through the sail. However, when the sail is moving in the upwind direction the flaps will be in the open position and allow air (or ...

According the title, the lights of a vehicle can be reused using "fiber optics." At night the vehicle's front headlamp lights can be reused. A layer of fibre optics on the road will work to transmit the light wherever it is needed or reuse the light to light the road or streets. It will a simple but unique solution to reuse the light of running vehicles at night.

The solution is low cost, easy to maintain and very efficient. The solution is taking advantage of something which is going tp ...

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