Sustainable Technologies

Abating global warming will require capture of CO2 from existing facilities such as power plants. However, existing carbon capture processes are too costly mainly because of the excessive power necessary to compress flue gas, and the lack of processes that convert CO2 to valuable products to offset the cost of capture. The US has set the goal of reducing the cost of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) to $10 per ton. Towards this aim, Fornax has developed a technology that both reduces cost by capturing CO2 from dilute, low pressure streams such as flue gas (that has been cleaned of SOx) and converts it to dimethyl carbonate (DMC), which is worth $1,500 per ton today.

The market for DMC ...

Environmental issues including ozone layer depletion have become a significant issue because of vanishing natural resources and CO2 emissions according to sustainable use of fossil fuels during industrialization processes.

The Vertical Axis Waters Turbine (VAWT) is a device, simple in construction and which gives an appreciable output. Using water resource to produce electricity is a perfect option. But due to complexity of design and initial costs and also absence of a good design for a small scale energy production the small scale water turbines are not used. One of the biggest disadvantage of water turbines is that it needs a dam to be made for the energy production that makes it expensive for the setup and also a lots ...

Americans LEAD the world in FOOD WASTE. 1/4 of what is produced in the U.S. goes to waste. Our project utilizes 2 of the top 10 sources of waste: fruit and eggs. Eggs and fruit are used to build plastic-like structures that are biocompatible and biodegradable.

Our project would allow consumers to be engaged in the production process as individual households can also contribute by giving their egg and fruit waste. The production process sanitizes the bacteria that might have possibly grown inside the egg, which means we could also add value to eggs with bacteria like Salmonella. 5~6% of eggs.

Nanotechnology enables what has limited the development of bio-based polymers: brittleness. Eggshell nanoparticles enhance the structural integrity of ...

Sustainable Technologies
Technical Abstract
Emergency Shoreline Breakwall

Climate change during recent years has created numerous flooding events that are short in duration, very damaging to shoreline properties, coastline erosion and create unsafe conditions for shore and coastline inhabitants. The use of technology to improve the quality of life and make it safer for these inhabitants necessitates a rapid and easy method to protect shore and coastline inhabitants, properties and the environment from catastrophic flooding and water damages.

An emergency shoreline breakwall constructed of polypropylene corrugated sheets would be easily arranged in a breakwall configuration held in place with fiberglass reinforced rods and bermed with sandbags as may be needed. The polypropylene sheets are readily available in an assortment of ...

In situ treatment of dense nonaqueous phase liquids

NASA seeks to license the NASA-developed technology Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI) for use in commercial applications. Developed at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), this process provides for the in situ treatment of dense nonaqueous phase liquids, or DNAPLs. This technology is one of the few methods available that can treat the DNAPL source. EZVI also overcomes the limitations of current DNAPL treatment technologies by providing a method that is quick, effective, and cost-competitive. EZVI is part of NASA's technology transfer program. This program seeks to promote the commercial use of NASA-developed technologies.

Thousands of DNAPL-contaminated sites have been identified across the United States; however, few technologies exist ...

Brief: Tackling water pollution using IoT

The problem which i want to tackle is of water pollution. Presently, much of focus is placed towards treating water pollution rather than preventing it. We all know the major causes of water pollution which are discharge of untreated sewage from domestic and industrial areas along with chemical runaway from agricultural fields, yet we are not able to contain the sources.

One of the major reason for that is the lack of accurate pollution data which not only tells us about if the water is polluted or not but also tells us about the type of pollutants present in water along with precise geographical location of the water quality data.

Till date, water ...

Sustainable energy is becoming an obsession to the world. Because of not only the fact that renewable energy would impact the economics but also a clean source of energy will save our environment. One reliable and limitless source is the sun and we were focusing on solar energy and how to improve the technology to get the most out of it. So what about having another reliable and clean source of energy?

Earth’s core temperature can reach up to 5430°C. Reaching deep down the core is going to be very hard, at least in the near future. However, we don’t need that much of heat to convert it into useful energy. According to a case study conducted by Drill ...

The amount of garbage produced by the world’s urban dwellers is growing at an astonishing clip. The World Bank has estimated that countries are generating 1.4 billion tons of municipal solid waste each year and forecasts that this number will double by 2025.

What is to be done with all of that stuff?

Governments and businesses have been working to change product packaging and consumer behavior to reduce the materials we throw away. In combination with recycling and composting efforts, these changes have helped significantly reduce garbage being buried in landfills.

One option for dealing with the remaining trash—burning waste to generate electricity—has been adopted in several countries .

Supporters of waste-to-energy plants say such facilities reduce the need ...

The thermal energy obtained from concentrating the solar energy heats up Ammonia gas which expands in pressurizing chambers then it is released with high speed and pressure to the generator blades causing the required rotation. The Ammonia gas then goes to a simple cooling cycle and finally to the pressurizing chamber again. Early stages of the idea consisted of releasing the Ammonia gas from the turbine to another pressurizing chamber to ensure returning back to the first pressurizing chamber. Various ways to concentrate heat can be applied to reach the desired heating ...

Harvesting energy efficiently is of paramount importance to maximize energy production efficiency. In order to produce energy freely I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research.

How it works: Rotor coils rotate counter clockwise reaction of that makes permanent magnet rotor rotate in clockwise direction. This motion of permanent magnet rotor causes reaction in outer rotor in clockwise direction which causes a current generated in outer coils.

The energy that produces electricity comes from reaction (Newton’s third law). Every electric motor has reaction; this reaction force is lost to move earth for a minuscule amount of distance, if motor is attached rigidly to earth by mountings. Famous examples of reaction forces in moving vehicle ...

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