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Axial rotating ship/boat:
Many times major accidents occur in the ocean due to head-on collisions between the ships and boats because of bad weather, invisibility, extreme humidity, fog, raining and darkness etc. By the time crew comes to know about the collision, accidents already have occurred due to difficulty in turning or change of course immediately or even wrong judgement of direction.

To avoid such accidents we propose here a new idea to turn a boat or ship quickly in reverse direction or desired direction by introducing a specially designed rudder with least turning radius. This rudder is fixed at the center of gravity point at the bottom of the ship/boat having high degree of thrust and faster rotation ...

When a severe drought in my region triggered a “Level 4 Drought Response” banning all outdoor residential water use, I began to seek ways to facilitate my goal (and my neighbors’) of reusing our children’s nightly bathwater so we could keep our outdoor plants alive.

I assumed finding and buying a household graywater reuse system would be simple. But my research revealed an absence of mass-market solutions. And so, I set out to invent a solution.

By carefully considering the inverse relationship between system complexity and grey water safety / best practices, I eventually succeeded in developing a prototype. I have named it BathRecycler.

My invention fills the product gap between high-end, permanently installed graywater systems (that require permits and modified plumbing) ...

The Bi-Toroid (Load Isolation) Transformer is a new patented transformer design which is used to isolate electric generators from their loads.

The Bi-Toroid Transformer (BiTT) operates essentially as a magnetic diode and magnetically isolates the electric generator from the load and allows the generator to deliver power without requiring an increase in prime mover input (i.e. an on-load increase in drive shaft mechanical input power to the generator).

The Bi-Toroid Transformer allows the delivery of electric power in one direction only and eliminates Generator Armature Reaction from the generator's operation.

Generator Armature Reaction is a Counter-Electromagnetic-Torque which is produced by the magnetic fields which are created around the current bearing wires inside all conventional generators when they are placed on-load and ...

Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas oil (not edible) can be produced at small and medium scale, having the potential to be an option for energy supply in isolated rural areas, especially in the Amazon rainforest. With the local production of biodiesel, the standard of living in rural communities can be improved, reducing migrations and fixing the rural population in the countryside.

The plant of Jatropha curcas is toxic because the seed contains curcin and alkaloids known as phorbol esters, which cause a purgative effect. Due to the toxicity of the seeds, Jatropha curcas oil is not edible and it is traditionally used for medicinal applications and for the manufacture of soap, insecticides and lubricants.

The processing that occurs in different ...



-The integration represents a shield to protect human lungs from deadly industrial emissions.
-Opportunities by developing green technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, using algae. Set out to demonstrate that an algae-based system could recycle the carbon dioxide in flue gas. Scientists looking for ways to curb carbon dioxide emissions have taken a keen interest in algae. These simple plant-like, aquatic organisms — their family includes both pond scum and seaweed — are among the oldest forms of life on Earth. Like plants, they draw energy from them.
-Algae does an efficient job of sequestering carbon, taking it ...

Present invention is generally directed to propulsion and power production from a Buckyball type sphere shape (Buckyball sphere) structure extruded from the spheres center point out into an array of hexagon and pentagon edges. Triangle panels are provided with the shortest length panel edge forming the surface edges of the hexagons and pentagons Buckyball sphere, where the other two longer edges form the panel length to the central point. Novelty in production and future repair is ONE-Triangle panel assembles into a full Buckyball sphere makeing the whole Buckyball, so manufacturing costs are a fraction of other related applications: water turbines, engines, wind power, and tires for automobiles.

On water the diameter is the torque moment arm, which is very ...

Bug-out boat, really?

Our initial scoffing aside, we have bowed to pressure from some folks who are adamant about having a 'go to' place when there are unexpected events by natural or human havoc. It can be parked on land, trucked elsewhere, float in a pond or ply lakes and coastal waters.

Pluses of the boat are:

Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPS)tm for zero fuel coast and zero footprint.
Slow travel over vast distances is better than no travel due to lack of fossil fuel.
Refrigeration and air conditioning keeps people, food and interior environment healthier.
Shallow draft of 1/2 meter goes where kayaks paddle.
No limit to the boat's range.
Ability to store electrical energy for ...

The Catch all Harvest concept

Goals-Increase agricultural production and profitability.
Low cost, low technology and easy installation.

The concept is designed to reduce wasted produce that falls to the ground.

A net is hung beneath the fruit bearing tree or bush (the illustrations are for apple orchards). The net provides a collecting path to a storage bin below each tree.
The net is attached to each tree by clips. Similar to a mountain climbers carabiner.
In orchards, the net would be unrolled under either side of the row of trees, raised up, attached then bins put in place below.
Estimated yield increase 40-60% per year.

Bins can be emptied when full by a tractor.

Thank you.
Dow ...

When families nowadays dump kitchen waste, except for using kitchen waste bin, they use additionally generated waste, plastic bags, to discard the garbage that cannot be decomposed during the recycling.

Circu Waste is an eco-friendly kitchen waste bag made of agricultural waste –rice husk. It makes use of rice husk as the main ingredient that can accelerate the decomposition of kitchen waste, replacing today’s plastic bags and can be used as small kitchen waste bin. Circu Waste can be thrown into the recycle bin with the kitchen waste and be decomposed and return to nature, which reduces plastic waste, and achieving the design goal of ...

Cold Springs and Solar Ponds as Natural Power Generators
Cold springs can be used to cool the cold side of Stirling Generators that when even air cooled have been shown by Sandia Labs to be more efficient than the most efficient photovoltaic cells. With a temperature differential of 40-50 degrees with the air the thermal differential of the cold springs could boost this efficiency significantly. If the hot side of the solar Stirling generators uses concentration by either reflectors or refraction this increases by a factor of 20X or more depending on the materials and type used. Besides the typical kind of above ground mirror concentrator it is possible to use in ground concentrators either from settling ponds such ...

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