Sustainable Technologies

This heat retention solar oven works like a greenhouse, allowing sunlight to pass into the pyrex bowl while also retaining heat.

The high speed (high RPM) wind turbine is designed to be used in vehicles with forward motion that produce air drag. The goal of this turbine is to capture the air that would normally pass through unused space in a vehicle.

Air resistance is the biggest obstacle to achieving high speeds. My method is based on the fact that the wagon is in the tailwind. The air is transported as fast as the carriage travels. The carriage travels in a rectangular channel.

1 Nature of technology/product.
The HiLLo-ORC (HERO Organic Rankine Cycle) system being developed at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a high efficiency, low temperature and low cost technology that enables the conversion of waste heat water or air to electricity.

Modern Fusion Reactor designs like the Wendelstein 7X utilize magnetic fields that are so complex that it took 19 years just to manufacture the hardware necessary to have them running.

There have been many incidents where hurricanes destroyed many homes and killed many people. It happens frequently. I have thought of a plan how we can prevent hurricanes. In this concept, we will first build a right triangle by solid iron frames size 30 in.x 20 in.,height 100 feet.

Hydrogen Electric Agricultural Utility Vehicle with Active Suspension

Design of a safer, renewable energy utility vehicle for the rural sector.
Note: this design targets the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability.

What problem does your design idea solve?
In New Zealand,

IMAGNO - the word stands for imaginary engine that relates with magnet. Yes! as per its name, it is my imaginary idea which involves magnet to make a hybrid engine. It is type of engine which is combination of internal combustion engine and magnetic repulsion piston engine.

Subscription and gentleman farms are all the rage. People want grass fed beef. Sometimes there isn't enough feed or grass available for rotations. It's gets muddy which leads to pests and maybe antibiotic overuse.

Invasive mussel infestations pose significant logistical and economic challenges for local communities, recreationists, and water managers. Currently,

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