This design is for an aerodynamic drag reduction device. This device works by producing a small powerful vortex near the boundary layer of a vehicle's body. This then adds momentum to the boundary layer, allowing for the air to stay attached to a surface longer. This attached airflow,

There is a huge energy expenses for a motor pump or submersible pump to lift water from an underground reserve tank to rooftop water tank. Not only is it expensive but air pollution is created (indirectly for power generation). Except it, the supplied water from govt.

The real-time water quality monitoring and notification system (water QMS) measures the essential qualities of water -- the water PH, temperature, turbidity (cloudiness of water), and water level in the tank -- in real time.

Over two billion people suffer from the effects of water scarcity and the vast majority of those affected live in coastal areas in developing countries and remote communities. Seawater desalination is an excellent potential solution,

WORKER SPACE is a smart spray water mist system that improves the health and serious impact of high dust concentration. It can spray fine water mist at high altitude, which can reduce dust amount, lower temperature, generate convection, improve air pollution and heatstroke of staffs,

We start up Universal Basic Income sources venture alliances of World Micro Stock Exchange, a global crowdfunding tender/bid of micro shareholding value proposition big data consuming e-direction devices & policy of FinTech, RegTech, Blockchain,

Write Once, Read Forever (WORF) is a unique, optical data storage media, especially formulated and patented by Creative Technology, LLC, of Hockessin, Delaware (CTech). The media is designed to be resistant to the hostile space environment and is currently being tested by NASA on the International Space Station (ISS).

Z-PEC Zero–Point Energy Converter 

According to Quantum Electrodynamics, otherwise empty space is filled with tremendous energy; it’s called the Quantum Flux or Zero-Point Energy. Z-PEC will mechanically tap this unlimited resource for pollution-less electrical generation and pollution-less vehicular-propulsion.

Able Innovations’ mission is to improve healthcare outcomes and people’s quality of life by developing innovative assistive technologies. Our first innovation is a transfer robot that can lift, move, and place humans in a fully automated manner with zero-physical effort from caregivers.

The ZoLNiF (ZOL + knife, spelt in NQaLF) is a new design to replace the ubiquitous and often imitated X-Acto hobby knife that has been around since the 1930's and it's newer updated versions, such as the Gripster.

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