Innovative cycles in the emergence of fundamentally new types of gyroscopes last for a period of forty to fifty years, and the change from one to another occurs only after a serious breakthrough in physics and technology. Gyros can measure the course of a scientific revolution.

Experts have estimated that 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics have been made and approximately 5 billion metric tons have already been discarded, with an abysmal recycling rate of only 600 million metric tons.

The proposed “Urban fly and ride taxi system” is composed by:

Flying modules, that are multicopters having propulsion pods, each with one or two (in tandem configuration) electric motors, each motor driving a single or multibladed rotor. They are equipped with battery and or fuel cell power packs,

Piezo is a battery phone case company that focuses on the advancement of energy efficient charging. Piezo’s goal has been to create a self-charging phone case that utilizes piezoelectric tiles to extend the lifespan of our cellular devices.

Using recently developed UV-C wavelength light emitting diodes (LEDs), a low power, compact, inexpensive device can effectively sanitize any small medical or other instrument (such as stethoscopes, reflex hammers, trauma shears, etc.) to above the 99.9% level.

Pedestrian safety is of extreme importance in the new autonomous vehicle environment. While vehicle sensor technologies continue to evolve and improve, there is a need for a robust back-up to help protect pedestrians , motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pets.

Air-conditioning systems spend most (up to 90%) effort on cooling air. Cooling people is just a byproduct of the whole process. To reduce energy demand we need to implement approaches that reverse this situation and focus on directly cooling people with minimum conditioning of surrounding air.

The Integrated Coefficient Enhancement (ICE) is a unique concept that addresses vehicle dynamics during panic events. State-of-the-art safety technologies in concert with an aerodynamic/mechanical delivery devise and high tech ceramic tractive medium (TM),

Various mechanisms are known for lifting and moving cargo. At the same time, we (Grigori and Oleg Lishanski, US Patent No. 10,214,398 B2, Feb. 26, 2019) developed and tested a simple device that is able to economically move a load overcoming the force of gravity.

Digital and mobile technology provides consumers with access to their own personal health data. From measuring the number of steps per day or the number of solid sleep hours per night, consumers have begun to take an active role in tracking their health.

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