Desert regions are excellent places to generate solar power, as the sun shines directly and uninterruptedly during the day. These areas are also the most dusty places in the world due to the prevailing drought. The sand and dust particles clearly hinder the generation of electricity,

The project proposes a model of variable rate automatic microcontroller based irrigation system. Solar power as known is used as a clean source of energy that can be used in any system and also it is used in this system.

The purpose of the solar-silo is to decrease the geological footprint of solar arrays (using existing technologies) while maintaining maximum array output, eliminating solar tracking and reducing maintenance.

Our off-grid tiny home designs will be on a trailer powered by solar energy and propane. The goal is to use the latest in renewable technology to create a daily living space that is equal or better in providing comfort and the convenience of a larger home.

This proposal is for SOLID STATE storage which has already been successfully prototyped, incorporating several different chemistries. Although this manufacturing technique can be used with many battery and capacitor combinations and chemistries the inventors have mostly executed akaline combinations thus far. Plastic injection molding is the manufacturing platform.

Living in New Zealand, one of the challenges we face especially during the winter months is sun-strike while driving. This is due to the sun being low in the sky on clear winter mornings or evenings.

Over the years,

Idea - Near bodies of water (oceans, lakes, rivers) where unwanted algae blooms flourish seasonally, build oil-producing manufacturing facilities which utilize algae that is deliberately produced in or near those facilities as a raw material resource.

ecoSPEARS is a cleantech venture committed to green, sustainable remediation technologies for the permanent extraction and destruction of PCBs, dioxins, and other toxic chlorinated contaminants from the environment – forever.

71% of Earth’s surface is covered in water, of which only 3% is freshwater. Of that,

1-What is the unmet need we are trying to address?

-Kessler syndrome causes the exponential growth in numbers of formation of space debris. The Kessler syndrome causes trouble because of (1)domino effect,(2)feedback runaway exploration that occurs in higher orbits.

Just like the earth, space has garbage too. The junk or garbage are called Space debris. Right now some tens of millions of pieces of space junk are circling our planet—broken satellites, rocket parts, and other human-made materials trapped in orbit.

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