The present application relates to precision mechanical tools, and more particularly to a combination tool for tensioning a fastener, for example as done when truing and aligning a tension-spoked wheel.

Many precision assembly operations require measuring the amount of tensile strain applied to fasteners. For example,

The TumbleDown Self-Turning Vertical Composting System repeatedly and thoroughly mixes ("turns") compost without machinery or labor. The design resembles a multiple helix spiral staircase within a silo. The mixture of organic materials tumbles down from one stairstep to the next. “Self-Turning”

This turbine differs that has two additional elements - a turbo-expander in the center and jet cuts on blades. The turbo expander absorbs wind energy. Thus the non-working center of the turbine becomes effective. In some versions, the fairing itself will have grooves absorbing wind energy.

The problem statement chosen was to build a model that makes sure that the rules for the speed limit are followed in every road segment and thus reducing the possibility of accidents and ensures safer automobile systems.

My prototype has two functions in one: protect yours car door from being hit by other cars doors or by a shopping cart. It is novel because it will come handling to put on and will be at low cost and safe.

The two-stroke internal combustion engine was never developed properly. It is known to be a more efficient type of engine, with reduced pumping losses, compared to the four-stroke engine - diesel two-stroke engines used in ships are the most efficient design of internal combustion engine.

There is a lot of need for green clean and cheap fuels in the world. The main source of energy for 150 years has been fossil fuels. However, the world is running out of this source rapidly and there are detrimental effects of its use e.g.

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Radio frequency (RF) technologies have limitations that cannot fulfill specific requirements. For instance, underground and underwater are challenging environments due to the absorption of high frequency electromagnetic (EM) waves in dense media. For hypersonic communications,

Umbilical Care is an L-shaped silicon cord clip used to test the bacterial infection at baby’s cord. Via the “histamine testing sticker” attached on a hollow chamber of Umbilical Care which can react with the histamine produced by bacteria,

It is well known that piston secondary motion affects the dynamics of the piston/ring/liner system in an internal combustion engine. A number of analytical models have been proposed to understand and control its effect on engine noise, engine friction and oil consumption. Also,

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