This concept produces electricity by the wind. We need a round column that is 240 ft high and 4 ft diameter. On the top of column we have around frame, that is 200 ft diameter and 314 curbs blade fan,

Many peoples travel through jungles and cross a river for many reasons, like for research and hiking and many others. While doing so, many peoples get attacked by wildlife when passing by because peoples are not aware of which animals are nearby.

The first educational toy to teach coding without the need to know how to read. The Ifs is a family of robots with sensors through different color pieces that are placed on their heads. The different color pieces are instructions that are combined as if it were a code,

Poop and pee. Everyone does it, but no one’s comfortable talking about it. It’s a conversation not suitable for your first date (I would hope), or one to have with your colleagues, but it’s completely normal, a vital bodily function, and is a universal part of the human experience.

Vascular Perfusion Solutions (VPS) has developed a new, unique, and innovative medical device that extends organ and limb viability — the Universal Limb/Organ Stasis System for Extended Storage, or ULiSSES™. VPS is working with a team of world-class scientists to advance ULiSSES™

Please find hereby a system of quick changing superstructures on the vehicle chassis of any manufacturer. Your vehicle can change its application in about 3-4 minutes. For example, a dump truck turns into a tank truck for liquids,

The Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Propulsion concept is a recently developed adaptation to the Pulsed Turbine Rotor Engine and The Pulsed Turbine Jet Propulsion concept.

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The battery is a crucial element of our daily lives. As devices become more mobile and interconnected, demands for higher battery capacity, longer duration, and better safety grow much faster than the commercial offer introduced to the market today. Additionally,

A pillow embedded with PMMA medical grade optical fibers by a CNC machine I invented back in 1997. I coated the surface of the fabric with a thin film of silicon forming a flexible substrate underneath the pillow case so that a grid of light is formed over the

The TEC HVAC is a modification to the automotive transportation’s heating and cooling climate control system. The system shall be designed to integrate into a vehicle’s existing climate control system but shall incorporate stored thermal energy to cool and heat the vehicle’s cabin compartment;

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