Neonatal jaundice is a yellowish discoloration of the white part of the eyes and skin in a newborn baby due to high bilirubin levels.The need for treatment depends on bilirubin levels, the age of the child, and the underlying cause. Treatments may include more frequent feeding, phototherapy,

This design is for a TV series, “Summer is Coming”, depicting young people in effective action on our current climate crisis. This series contains no zombies, robots run amuck, or dragons. It does contain believable characters in situations that could actually happen in the near future. In addition,

To provide a sustainable source of desalinated water from ocean surface water by having floating platforms filter, distil and collect the water, using solar energy.

Current desalination techniques require large amounts of energy to run the plants.

The motion battery business plan

The motion battery was developed to generate additional revenue for vehicle manufacturers by charging customers for electricity while the vehicle is in motion over the life span of that vehicle. The motion battery was also developed to pay drivers to drive.

The objective of this design is to create a swarm 3D printing and assembly platform which employs a swarm of printhead-carrying mobile robots to complete sophisticated manufacturing tasks. Similar to how a swarm of bees working together to build their beehive,

A smart military tactical scope attachment that pairs to a smart visor attachment. The scope/visor attachments are equipped with 3D sensory cameraa and encrypted wireless signal reciever/relays. The 3D sensory cams functions pair to the smart scopes displays functions.

The tactical smart gyroballcam grenade, or TSGBCG for short, has 2 camera sensors located on each opposing side of the gyroscope which include capabilities of infrared light, ultra violet and night vision incorporating zoomable abilities. TSGBCG manafactures 3 various models for varied situations: smoke dispersement grenade,

Using big data, people will get optimized transportation to work and back home (rush hours) by public and shared transportation means. Every day, each individual will be picked up from home at a predetermined time and brought back by the end of the day.

I have a design for cities and towns that could possibly be perplexed but improve and overhaul city and town structures. I have a pretty good grasp that it would control flooding problems in most areas. Imagine a cup if you will holding water.

Several million toddlers have to wait until a specific time that is set by the caregiver. Not knowing the concept of time, it is hard to follow what "in an hour" means. Toddlers need a simple way that they can relay on.

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