Building a house has come easy nowadays because the technology of mankind has reached an advanced stage of technology in science and research. To build a house material election is critical based on the purpose it is built.

Most of us wear synthetic fabrics like polyester every day. Our dress shirts, yoga pants, fleeces, and even underwear are all increasingly made of synthetic materials plastic, in fact. But these synthetic fabrics, from which 60% of all clothing on earth is made,

This invention demonstrates the future of automation through exploring the human – machine interface (HMI) so that human electrical signals communicate with machines to enhance collective genius. Moreover, this invention harmonizes the industrial and manufacturing fields with the blended genius of machines and humans.

The Smart Life Guard Pajamas (SLGP) can be useful in two main cases:

1) In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest – A lot of adult people suffer from cardiac problems, which can cause Cardiac Arrest. Because of this reason plenty of people die during sleep,

BelleT has developed a comprehensive skin monitoring system that can monitor skin conditions (at various body locations: face, neck, hands, body and hair etc.) from multi-aspects including skin moisture and glow, UV exposure, skin and skincare product pH values, to provide personalized optimal guidance and recommendations.

Life for people with impairments is a bit difficult as compared to the unimpaired. Conventional wheelchairs need an extra person to move it around. Sometimes the person himself pushes the wheels which results in problems of upper body functioning.

Thermoterra develops SmartWall: an active insulation solution for residential and commercial buildings, saving more than 50% of heating and cooling expenses while increasing inhabitants well-being. SmartWall utilizes patented energy storage, AI algorithms and IoT devices to optimize energy consumption and comfort level.

SnotRocket is a unique syringe-type aspirator that is more powerful, more precisely controllable, more sanitary, more rugged, more convenient and more discreet than any other pediatric nasal aspirator.

The simpler version has only two parts,

Torque control
Power assist wheelchairs work best when there is a torque feedback, measuring the user input torque and using it to determine the torque the motor needs to supply to the wheels.

Security has been a significant concern in many households in Africa. In Kenya, 45% of the homes lack access to electricity, and 34% of the 77,600 crimes registered in 2017, were theft, robbery, and burglary.

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