There is an urgent need to develop a cost-effective and portable electrochemical biosensor for the early-stage detection of ARS-Corona Virus-2 (Sars-CoV-2).

COVID-19 is the world’s highest priority in 2020. A key tool in managing this pandemic is determining who is infected, allowing those to self-quarantine or seek medical help, for the good of themselves, their loved ones, and the community at large, pending a vaccine.


A Pap smear (also called a Pap test) is a screening test used to examine cells from the cervix and the vagina. (The cervix is the portion of the uterus that protrudes into the vagina).

Social distancing is ultimately about creating physical distance between people who don’t live together. At the community level, it means closing schools and workplaces and canceling events like concerts and Broadway shows. For individuals,

Discovered Discrete Geometry Relationship between a Non-Regular Icosahedron and the other Five Regular Solids, of possible interest to Scientists.

Under the current exposure to the virus [corona] conditions one should not hesitate learning possibilities of accepting and use of new discoveries and particularly those bearing “change of paradigm,


eXoutcancer has invented a revolutionary technology for earlier lung cancer screening to diagnose the disease when it is more treatable. Lung cancer is the the number #1 killer among cancers and the current screening modality, a low dose computed tomography (CT) scan,

With a surge of COVID-19 patients flooding intensive care units (ICUs) nationwide, proper disinfection and maintenance of central venous catheters (CVC) and peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) is more essential than ever to prevent complications, such as central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI),

Elinfect is designed to force the vaccine syringe to become disposable so as to completely eliminate the infection caused by repeated use of the syringe. Therefore, two protrusions are added to the bottom of the syringe. When the syringe is pushed to the bottom,

We have identified several chemical compounds through review of the most recent literature which shows that selected metal-based chemicals, or biometals, are effective and an antagonistic therapeutic approach against the Covid-19 virus. These include Cu(I); Neocuproine Copper(II) and Bathocuproine Disulfonic Acid Copper(I).

In March 2020, following the COVID-19 outbreak,

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