Consumer Product Design

Vision X is a voice-based smart glass for people with complete blindness. The glass uses a set of high-definition cameras for image processing and a LIDAR sensor for distance measurement. It uses a custom Soc processor optimized for faster image detection.

Every year, more and more new technologies appear and make life easier for a person, without forcing him to spend his time or effort on work. My project is called "Smart Table." I decided to create a multifunctional table.

withINSPIRED is a line of personalized clothing that has inspirational words or phrases printed on the inside of the shirt. This is a little out of the box for this contest, but we thought it was worth entering because inspiration for designs,

For people with disabilities (PwD), technology offers both unprecedented opportunity and tremendous frustration. In theory, modern technology can allow PwD to participate in social life, control their homes, pursue education, and lead meaningful careers in ways never before possible,

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