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Do you know that people in many part of the world wash their clothing in a river, lake or a stream? If you are not aware, well you are about to be.

Riskut – A New Approach to Device and Data Security

A new category in the mobile device and data protection marketplace.

Riskut is the initial product offering of the ProximID Group, which has developed unique solutions based on security by proximity.

Just awarded patent, so new haven't received Patent Number yet, paid issue fee. Here's the link to the application and below is the final claim wording.


Blockchain technology has caused a tremendous impact in both academia and business market. Since there are centralized servers used in generally, we have recognized:

The growth in load on the servers which might lead to server crashing and failure.

HYPOL™ JM 5013 / JB 1009 is a two-component, water-based, catalyst-free polyurethane chemistry for comfort products. Manufacturers are challenged to deliver safety, comfort and sustainability in one single product. Conventional hydrophobic polyurethanes have superior mechanical performance but lack heat- moisture management and tend to emit VOC.

This is a concept for a non-stick car seat "horn" to help get in and out of a car. After a lengthy hospital stay, my mobility was impaired. When I got into my car or any car, my clothes would stick to the seat fabric.

In today’s ‘Too-busy’ world, sleep is very essential as it is important for people not to wake up sweaty and weary. Sound sleep helps individuals to kick in their day. In hot countries, a sweaty and uncomfortable feeling especially during summer is a common problem.

Our everyday lives rely significantly on visual input, which pose multiple challenges for the visually impaired. Technology and ingenuity have provided tools to manage some of these challenges, but close-range object detection still has not been effectively addressed. Situations such as going to a restaurant and locating utensils,


A depth thread plug gauge is a device that can measure the size of the thread and the depth of the thread, both in a single go. Conventionally, to measure the depth of a thread, external instrumentation is required which consumes extra time.

I am deeply concerned about the epidemiological situation in the world. We can stop the pandemic if we observe safety measures and use protective masks and antiseptics. But not everyone in the world does it. Therefore, I developed a special pocket case for mask disinfection.

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