Consumer Product Design

Modern times demand a customized shopping experience for the time/budget savvy shoppers. A price check scanner is a common sight in many grocery stores/departmental stores. However in large consumer areas finding such devices and subsequently scanning the intended item is not exactly the most enjoyable shopping task.


The general purpose of the paintbrush grip is to improve the manner in which a paintbrush is held and used. When used on a paintbrush, it allows for optimal alignment of the joints of the fingers,

The ClipShade is a product that perfectly matches the criteria to provide convenient, trouble free, shade comfort to the chair users. Whether at a youth sporting event, a picnic, the beach, or an outdoor concert, the ubiquitous use of those now generic chairs is an undeniable, accepted fact.

Summary: Portable Bidets exist but suffer from extremely low operating pressure, less than 2 psi.

Line pressure in most homes is 50 t0 80 psi and that is a standard installed Bidet operating pressure.

Prop It! Doorstop is a game changing doorstop that can be placed anywhere between the door and doorjamb (in the door) to keep a door propped open at 90 degrees. It does not require placement on top of the door hinge, like many other doorstops. Prop It!

In this fan prototype small magnets with strong flux are placed in a circular pattern by a support. The copper coils are wound on every fin of the fan.

Scootie is a portable and affordable wheelchair transforming system that can turn a manual wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair. It allows users to travel in comfort and with less effort; improves their mobility, social participation and quality of life. To achieve a truly cost-effective solution,

What I’m about to describe is like a gold mine that has caved in. It’s actually my original patented Aquascooter, a 15 lb miniature gas powered PWC that can pull you through the water in a swimming position, like James Bond, at a surprising rate of speed.

Named Best Foot Protection Product of 2020 by ISHN, SelectFlex is still the world’s first and only arch control insole. With the turn of a key, the original SelectFlex insole provides 3 adjustable levels of arch support for personalized comfort.

Current shock absorbing technology uses either a foam or gel material. While both are soft and flexible, unless used in a thick manner, they will under time and pressure flatten out resulting in a hard surface.

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