Consumer Product Design

Air conditioning was originally developed to provide a better sleep environment. However, thermal comfort is unique to every person especially during the sleep state.

The aim is to design and develop a smart module that can provide possibilities for usage in personal health and asset monitoring, wearables, and smart homes.

SueChef is the first fully automated, start-to-finish, meal preparation solution and ecosystem. The SueChef, a multi-meal cold food storage and convection oven combination, removes the human element from cooking (and even the premises) by taking food from freezer and putting it in the oven.

Background: Swimming pool drownings are one of the most feared threats to our children. Globally, the highest drowning rates are among children 1–4 years, followed by children 5–9 years of age. Eighty-seven percent of drowning fatalities happen in home pools and spas for children under five.

The Take Cover is a patented D 834753S concept with approved Trademarks and is a Type IV body conforming flotation system to be used during disasters such as tornadoes, tsunamis, flash floods and earthquakes. Use of this invention will provide immediate life-preserving response when faced with natural disasters,

Requirements for the Dart

As a design approach we used the axiom of,


Presently with the staplers that are available in the market, the reloading of the stapler pins is a tedious and a cumbersome task. The stapler needs to be opened from the middle for the refilling of the cartridge.

LoveMyUVShield is a headwear device protecting anyone wearing it against pathogens and viruses. It can be used as an additional measure of protection, or eliminate the need to wear masks and other protective means when in public settings. LoveMyUVShield is safe for travel, easily stored,

VAYU is a modern tower cooler designed for urban spaces. It has a compact monolithic form with carefully packed components which enables it to purify the air and even cools it efficiently through evaporative cooling. With its simple geometrical and subtle design language,

Various methods and mechanisms are known for lifting and moving loads. At the same time, we (Grigori and Oleg Lishanski, US Patent No. 10,214,398 B2, February 26, 2019) have developed and offer a previously unknown method of lifting and moving cargo and a device for its implementation.

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