Consumer Product Design

DIONYSUS project consists of the mass production and marketing of two derived goods under an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement according to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

Non Disclosure Agreement: http://www.ipsphere.

Whatever the reason for departing one's immediate environment for an area less frequented, as a vacation or escape from unfortunate events, a truly standalone habitat is most desirable. Welcome the MOG solar boat (Marine Off Grid)tm.

Propellers have moved motorized water craft ever since they were invented but a simplified way of moving on the surface of the water would make electric craft quieter and more efficient.

A simple chain mechanism with paddles attached would get maximum propulsion when interacting with the water,

This is a flag mount bracket system for improved installation of a standard flag into a bracket that is above a person's normal reach. This bracket system enables a person to install a flag as high as 12 ft without the need for a ladder.

Nowadays, the earphones are of a great importance in the daily lives of individuals as listening to music and various podcasts is increasing. This tool has become a norm in the routine and the basic necessity for us. However,


Educational Toy: The Portable Tree J-1


This innovative design is a toy model with a similarity to the Atmospheric Transformation Project: The Portable Tree which had a worldwide projection between 2010-2020 from its conceptual design to the functional construction of the laboratory practice

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, every weekend, about 54 million of us care for our lawns and gardens. We use more than 15,000,000 gallons of gas (more the 800 million annually) and producing tons of air polluting volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides.

The objective of this project is to maximize the efficiency of LED flashlights. A 60° field-of-illumination LED is positioned just below the barrel, and is aimed at the off-axis parabola, which reflects all of the light in a focused beam. No light is wasted. If desired,

At present all motor driven and motorless exercise treadmills are dangerous by design to an adult user and in some cases deadly to a child or pet. Between 2018 to 2019 there have been 22,540 injuries needing hospital emergency visits and 17 deaths,

Fits Perfect is a web/smartphone application for the online clothing market. It uses augmented reality to assess the fit (size, color, style) of a garment on the consumer’s own body.

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