Consumer Product Design

"SLIM"--Flat Key Case--With Stainless Steel adapter clip for quick-release swivel clasp for special-use (plastic, barrel, etc.) keys and "remotes.

NASA discovered Red Light Therapy in 1993 when studying the effects of red LED light on plants. Fast forward to today where we find dozens of LED based light therapy products in the retail market costing a few hundred to several thousands of dollars addressing multiple skin issues, pain,

Litterbug was created in 2018 as a solution to the overwhelming amount of paper cups littering the streets, nature-strips, and storm water catchments.

Litterbug cups are embedded with seeds and can be planted to grow regenerative food.

After completing the successful testing phase,

Science and technology are rapidly evolving, creating a daunting entrance barrier in the face of young students. Frequently, K-5 teachers are ill-equipped and uncomfortable in teaching STEM subjects. Coupled with this, many children grow up in families where their parents have an aversion towards STEM,

This describes an efficient water heater that uses microwave radiation to heat a coiled water pipe. The radiation is contained in a metal cavity, painted inside with microwave-reflective paint, similar to that used in home microwave cooking ovens, and on stealth aircraft.

Minoxy is an art affordable hermetically sealed preservation enclosure display system that preserves art and artifacts in an oxygen-free and pollution-free atmosphere that can be used by a novice collector, museum, or archive. The enclosure also protects the contents from ultra-violet exposure, air pollution, and moisture.

We all had observed the problem of heating of the laptops, especially when we place the laptop on the bed. This happens because of the blockage of the vents given in the laptop to escape heat.


For large property owners, routine maintenance like mowing and snow removal are ongoing and time consuming. A machine that could perform a portion if not all of these tasks autonomously would free up considerable time and conceivably use less fuel for the same task.

How to help children fall asleep on their own in an educational way?

To design a product that reinterprets the concept of "monitoring" and "night light" for children, encouraging them to fall asleep without the help of their hands.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer; second only to tobacco use; and yet, very few people have heard of its insidious carcinogenic effects; and even fewer are aware how to test for such an innocuous health hazard.

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