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Cargo Containers are lashed together to form 600ft x 320ft flight deck (192,000 sq ft), 2-hanger decks (180,000 sq ft/deck) & (9,000,000 cuft volume), 2-pontoons Catamaran hulls (600 ft x120 ft x 50ft), 10,000 tons cargo capacity, 10,000 tons Control Ship (Fletcher Class DD,

Desktop Design Toolkit (DT2) is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool in the Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) arena. It caters to aerodynamic analysis of a system and/or its components in various engineering fields. It addresses entire spectrum of design & analysis cycle right from preliminary phase till final/detailed phase.

Space debris is a dangerous threat to future space exploration. The project “ShotSat” proposed a possible solution to the problem of space debris using this satellite. The device got its name because the satellite launches “shots” into space debris.

I always had a wish to upgrade and accelerate the fight against fires. In my country every summer we have many fires that burn large areas especially on windy days. Many times these fires are close to the sea and can be in areas difficult to approach.

Recent events have highlighted a need for police to have a coordinated response during events, such as an active shooter. "SkySpotter" aims to use increase situational awareness by helping use drones to track positions of those responding to the event in order to improve coordination of the responders.

Enhanced EAS system box and server system consists of a legacy with all legacy features and settings and same codes ever used as well as custom same code programmable capable EAS box and server system with the latest features that have been proposed are propose or will be added

Debris in orbit is a growing problem. Moving at roughly Mach 25, even a loose screw can inflict catastrophic damage if it collides with a small satellite, creating more debris that can impact other spacecraft. Efforts to deal with this have treated debris as trash,

JETX, born in the year 2020 with the idea of developing the next generation of propulsion systems for the Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL’s) flying vehicles market and high-tech, state of the art manned and unmanned flying vehicles of futuristic design.

JETX is researching &

The Eternium long range multi-role fuel cell electric aircraft and liquid hydrogen fuel production system consists of several patent-pending and novel engineering advances that make long-range (3200nm) electric flight possible. This system is based around our high power density patent-pending Eternium dual-rotor superconductive motor,

The Idea proposed is to construct a Floating Runway in a circular lake.

By having the runway floating, it can be turned in such a way that it is possible to create optimum landing and take off conditions under various types of weather.

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