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Hypersonic flight is closer than you think!

Space Engine Systems' mission is to push the boundaries of sustainable hypersonic flight and space accessibility at the lowest cost. To achieve this goal, a reusable demonstration piloted aircraft, optional unmanned,

A Mars spacecraft orbiter comprises a crew Habitat Block and a Service Propulsion Block, which are connected via a special crankset mechanism (Figure One) or else equivalent revolving means. The two halves revolve contrary to each other and act as counter-masses.

Create a robot / set of robots in order to do the human being's handwork (eg. grinding, finishing) based on the customer requirements. The advantages would be the higher level of precision, minimization of damage for the aerospace parts as the handjob workmanship (human factors),

The entry works by maximizing the efficiency of the already existant technology. What makes it novel is the ease of use and implementation as well as the cost efficiency of overall functionality. It would be produced with the same technology in use for the build it components.

Destroying space debris.

Many countries are planning, executing and launching a number of space missions for a variety of studies such as moon missions, Mars missions, Jupiter, Saturn, space telescopes, space labs, space shuttles, upper atmospheric studies, etc. After a certain period, these satellites, labs,

The Idea I am submitting is a very crude but a starting Idea for a manned space vehicle.

This vehicle is a single man unit that can be used instead of the space suit. It will use gyro scopes for attitude adjustment, role, pitch and yaw.

This invention relates to technology used for creating an enhanced artificial magnetosphere and an electromagnetic shield for use in both manned and unmanned spacecraft. This technology will reduce the exposure of astronauts or other space travelers, as well as radiation-sensitive equipment, to the environmental hazards present therein.

The maturity of the technologies for the guidance and control of RPAS allows for innovative operational options such as the ability to spray (a liquid) a significant amount of an agent of any sort at a pre-established point in the atmosphere.

This is the case of NitroFirex,

Ultra-compact integral gyroscopes with six degrees of freedom 6DoF are mass-produced and will allow high-precision weapons and equipment to do without GPS, due to autonomous inertial guidance systems of a new generation. Structurally, such a gyroscope looks like a microcircuit.

• failure to locate faults/ problems/ errors etc instantly
• defense during war/ security protection surrounding area:
[proximity sensors: detecting objects/ people getting closer to you {alerting}]
• failure by auto cameras to shoot/ auto fly & scan to capture/record videos, photos,

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