Our project is IR based home automation. In this project, we are using IR based wireless communication for controlling home appliances. Here microcontroller ATMega328P is used for controlling the whole process. We send some commands to the controlling system by using IR TV/DVD remote for controlling AC home appliances.

In the streets of cities, many silent scooters, electric vehicles appeared. Sometimes silent vehicles, including bicycles, move through pedestrian zones. At the same time, there is a risk that these vehicles can be scattered from behind to a pedestrian.

It sometimes happens that purses, keys, handbags, cosmetic bags fall out of bags, pockets. That is, people lose money and valuable things due to inattention, rush or distraction.

device named “Standardkey”

People will not lose their purse, keys, handbag,


Common symptoms of neurological disorders include numbness, leg pain, spasticity, muscle weakness, and loss of range of motion, which further lead to impairments in balance, gait, and functional ability.

Toe extension strength (TES) of the big toe, often ignored among other muscle strength outcomes,

I am working on developing biodegradable environmental sensors from RFID-based technology. These sensors can be deployed in an area where they will expand to full size and be able to measure certain environmental parameters.

In particular,

IoTNet is the plumbing that glues an arbitrary input to an ad hoc output. There is a growing need for a publicly fielded network where people who need passive, non-interactive access to objects like sensors, actuators,

Waves have been over-simplified as sinusoidal in physics since Newton and in mathematics since Euler, but even ripples on water diminish in wavelength gradually but indefinitely. Resonance in an "imperfect oscillator" with changing natural frequency conversely requires successive wave cycles with periods changing at the same rate.

The idea is to design an RFID ATTENDANCE SYSTEM for industries, colleges, and schools where a large group of people gather. The need for this device is brought up due its automated effectiveness.

Sleeping eye pads and sleeping band for head that have integrated speakers, microphones, heart rate sensor and 3-axis G sensor.

Speakers could be connected with phone by bluetooth to lookup on your health when you sleep.

A multifunctional soil testing device is used to increase the yield of agricultural goods. By analyzing the soil's subsistence, this device assists in reducing the amount of fertilizer used while increasing the yield of highly nutritious food crops.

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