Consumer Products

Safety Shoes in industry are commonplace. However, children could benefit from a special style of safety shoes. We propose a safety shoe that incorporates a small electronics package in the shoe. The insole of the shoe is removable to expose a hollowed out compartment for a small electronics package.

The Chilly personal water cooler is an evaporative cooler for use with personal hydration systems. Originally intended for military use it is also perfect at enhancing the performance of outdoor athletes.

Washer / Dryer combo- Family Friendly Edition was inspired from my own life experiences dealing with family members that were pregnant and or suffering of back pain due to injury.
- This unit will be capable of storing six months to a year supply of detergent and softener,

Utilizing patented features, this new design has all of the necessary characteristics of a revolution in nail pulling and fastener removal!

Almost everybody is doing exercise in the morning. They used to peddle the cycle in home as their routine exercise. This concept is been developed by combining the washing machine with this peddling exercise.

The Massive Nibble© Zero Pollution Heat Pump© (ZPHP©) makes hot and cold at the same time. We want to use it to make a CoolerGrill©, a grill and ice chest for cooking, chilling beverages and making ice.

We need to find new ways to cooperate, heal ourselves (and each other) and Earth while inventing NEW SYSTEMS to nurture our “shrinking” and ailing planet and its peoples. Creativity Cafe Edutainment Centers is designed to address all that, rapidly and globally.

Adhesive tape is a widely used product in both homes and offices. Though engineers and scientists have worked for decades to improve it and create specialty tapes for a variety of circumstances, there is one problem that they have not yet addressed.

CYCLIC HOME GYM It is an exercise fitness machine designed to provide gravity and resistance training so the user can bulk up his/her muscles in no time while getting a defined cut definition and weight loss.

Problem Description (Explain the technical and business problems you are addressing) :-
Making a device for Complete utilization of the energy being generated by the rotation of the wheel on use of cycling machine either at gym or home.

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