Safety and Security

This device provides an early warning for earth quakes.
especially when we are asleep. The detector will be housed
in a package similar to the omnipresent fire detectors,
battery operated and wall mounted.


Automatic Maintenance Monitoring Control System (AMMCS)

Maintenance Monitoring Control concept is an external sub-system for monitoring overall system performance and should be integrated within the facility voice and data communications, radar data processing (RDP) and flight data processing (FDP) for each Area Control Facilities (ACF).

Exhaust gas from any IC automobile engine is cooled and then using a battery operated mini compressor is passed through a series of chemical solvents housed in FRP Chambers. Suitable solvents in different chambers remove different pollutants such as oxides of carbon including carbon monoxide,


When a fire is enclosed, its heat is reflected back onto the fuel, causing acceleration. The Fireball is a giant beachball-like structure studded with sprinkler heads. Its spray is omnidirectional, in contrast to hose spray through a window.

The Problem
The problem is the length of time that it takes to distribute food and water after a natural disaster. This design solves the problem of the “point source method of food distribution” that I saw after the Haiti earthquake disaster.

ForkoaLoz is intended to be used for Landmine Detection and Deactivation using Robotics and HCI techniques. Also the model has a fail-safe mechanism to "jump' away" in case of a wrong turn with the landmine.

Glowing airplanes, jets, trains, cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and bicycles, can now be practically and inexpensively manufactured by using robots to paint/print a multilayered sandwich of materials creating organic light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) which will emit light when electrically excited.

The functions of the proposed device are :

1. Speed Control of vehicle.
2. Monitor Seat belt fastening.
3. Location sensing of Vehicle and transmit/receive over GPS.
4. Process and Storage of usage data into memory and retrieve in case of accidents.

Concept Background

Motorcycle is a cheap and convenient mode of transport especially in developing nations like India where cities are very much crowded.
-About 38 % vehicles registered in Mumbai are motorcycles.

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