Safety and Security

This device is intended to prevent people from falling or jumping into the train's way in the metro; subway, stations.
It consists in a retractile barrier of 1.5 meters in height which is deployed when the train isn’t in the station;

This concept represents, in terms of probable deterred economic loses, a beneficial design development undertaking. U.S.F.A. states that between 1997 and 2006, 58.5 million acres of wildland was lost to fire at a cost of hundreds of lives and billions of dollars in economic value.

A National Pocket Radiation Detection System

There is an elegantly simple deterrent to national radiation threats such as nuclear and dirty bombs. All it requires is that all credit card companies print their cards on back of radiation like badges.

The device will have some optical sensors, a camera, an audio system & a digital signal processor. The software should have intelligent algorithms to map an human eye charateristics & portion of the human brain responsible for vision analysis.

CEM Fire Pump

Innovation and simplicity of design
Fire fighting requires every advantage that can be employed, as quickly as possible including CAFs which involves the mixing of air,

We all know what a pain it is to not only install but to the change the batteries in our smoke alarms two times a year. With the Alarm Arm® No Ladder Smoke Alarm Mount you can easily install, maintain,

The system is based in grained particiles made out of expanded polystyrene, polyethylene mixed with magnetized iron particles in powder size This particles have the property that withholds oil in their fibers and stick together when coming close.


Offshore oil rigs can rupture and cause serious, perhaps irreparable damage to coastal areas and the
commercial fishing industry. As indicated by recent events in the Gulf of Mexico, no method is
currently in place to prevent the spread of such contamination.

Personal Life Belt Guard JCB
What problem does your design idea to solve?
This personal belt fits any swimsuit and serves to protect the bather of sharks and other marine animals, like jellyfish attacks whenever you have small compartments which incorporates a mini creator of electromagnetic waves,

POLMAP is an airship that allows humans to observe the (open) sea. The first idea (but POLMAP can be used for scientific research also) for designing POLMAP is because we have no way to survey the ships that transfer the gazole on the sea.

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