Safety and Security

A consumer food tracking tool and database
In today's society, food quality and recalls have been a sore point with the general public and has brought into question our nation's ability to protect our food supply. Our current food regulations are outdated,

A Detonation Flame Arrestor (DFA) is designed to extinguish a flame front resulting from an explosion or detonation of a gas in a pipeline. However, in addition to extinguishing the flame, the DFA must be capable of dissipating (attenuate) the pressure front that precedes the flame front.

A pocket size sonic weapon to stop dog attacks.

The Stop Dog uses Ultrasonic acoustics to stop vicious dog attacks by sending out a high power signal phased to alter a dogs brain wave pattern.

The contamination caused by the BP Oil Spill is an immediate danger to the Global ecosystem. Existing solutions (collection, abatement, dispersal, regaining well head control, drilling relief wells) will either take too long, or will not work to stop the flow. A radical solution is called for.

The apparatus described herein, a mud injector, stops undersea well blowouts by providing a method for injecting heavy drill muds at depth within a stricken well. It is assumed the well pipe has been prepared such that its top is unencumbered by various obstructions,

With recreational camping becoming more and more extreme, so are the risks. As campers extend their treks into unexplored terrain, a wide variety of things can effect the safety of their trip.

Vehicle Information Communication System (VIX) is designed to enhance the information communication between vehicles, as the supplement to the observation of the drivers.

Stop the Leak II - The 'Improved' Junk Shot of Decreasing Diameters

As of 5/29/10, the 'Top Kill / Junk Shot' method of trying to stop the leak has not worked. They've tried golf balls, rope, and assorted other stuff--not very scientific.

The Heart Beacon's 'sync seeding" the cloud (synchronized time stamping of data collection, events, alerts) and network re-configuration on the fly enabled by heartbeat messages (used by SWIFT, Net Centric Warfare,

Title: The Safety Mailbox

America has a long history of the roadside mailbox dating back to the RFD inception in 1896. This new mail service provided for a way for rural and suburban homes to send and receive inexpensive mail. Now 584 million pieces of mail are delivered daily.

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