Safety and Security

Many people have to manually reach over to the air vents in their cars to let the air blow into their face. But they could be doing a combination of things all at a same time, including adjusting the air vent to a more desirable location.

Non-transparent vertical posts on each side of the front windshield of automobiles,and on each side of the rear window of automobiles, obstruct the view of drivers when going forward and when backing up.

Earthquake Safety

The Baumann Energy Dissipating Rebar Coupler™ (BauEDRC™) will be used to rapidly construct all types of earthquake resistant concrete structures such as school buildings, bridges, apartment and office buildings.

The BauEDRC™ could also be used to construct blast resistant structures.

This aircraft runs on current bladeless fan available in market has propeller. Electric power from a fuel cell or battery is used to run the bladeless fan. Two bladeless fans are placed on either side of the wing and the impeller arrangement is kept inside the wing.

The Battery Boss technology is a patented method for assurance a smoke detector or other critical battery powered device has a functioning battery. NFPA statistics indicates over one third of all installed smoke detectors are inoperative due to failed or missing batteries. Failed batteries produce lost lives every day!

Capping a damaged deep water well presents many challenges. The high pressure and remote environment makes it impossible for humans and difficult for robots to work in. When a deep water well is damaged, the environmental impact is significant and environmental damage rises exponentially as time progresses.

Die Tiere mit der mehr entwickelten Nase über den Körper gaben szag-i Mittelkampfstoff aus es wird wahrgenommen, und wer es geschätzt wird. So jemand anderer seine Kombination der sich fürchtende, der aggressive, sind Sie der Angreifer oder der Patient,

Combined Moment, Damping, & Post-Tensioning Structural Steel Strap-Nets Reinforcing Methods provide total structural body-frame force-resistance and stress-reductions with a single, easily assembled & installable reinforcing component.

Developed primarily for buildings,

It all began in a High School chemistry class where we had to do a project on heating or cooling. This project was going to be for a design completion at the University of Pittsburgh. We were racking our brains on what to do.

Scallop Imaging’s seven megapixel Digital Window D7-180 video surveillance camera is the first stand-alone computational imaging system, able to stream and record in full-color high resolution throughout its 180° field of view, without fisheye distortion. The imaging task is distributed among five powerful microsensors,

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