Safety and Security

A self-contained rescue spreader system (SCRSS or Jaws of Life) eliminates the auxiliary power unit and hydraulic hoses of contemporary systems is proposed. The system has a 2-stroke, 2-cylinder engine integrated with reciprocating hydraulic pumps, composite arms with hardened steel tips,

Self-erecting/locking,unlocking-folding Support Mast for heavy equipment like Wind-Generators, Lighting Equipment and more.
Background of the Invention:
This invention relates to a hydraulically operated support-mast for heavy equipment like wind-generators, lighting equipment and other items to be held aloft.

The Sense System revolutionizes residential fire prevention. Unlike traditional smoke detectors/fire alarms, which only alert user about fire/smoke, Sense helps prevent kitchen fires before they start. It can also be directly installed in the kitchen, which is the number one place where residential fires start.

The proposed design will prevent and reduce injuries and destruction in road accidents in specific locations and settings. It will also help in improving public safety and security in road accidents. It may also lead to other product development if ICT and advanced materials are incorporated.

The Sliding Knife Guard is a protective cover for any sharp knife. Unlike any other knife guard it allows you to cut food with the guard on unless it is in the lock position.

Security is the utmost concern for all the personal computer users, Government agencies, private companies, educational institutions as well as other R&D divisions. In fact the cyber crime and cyber security became the two kinds of science under the bigger umbrella of Information Technology.

Prof. Sailor first proposed one could use “smart dust” for the sensing of analytes several years ago. Smart dust is especially suitable for standoff detection which takes place at greater distances from people and assets to reduce the potential for severe damage. So far,

Smart Windows & Doors
Windows and doors (including their frames), that have switches, sensors and control circuitry built into them at the factory at the time of manufacture.

With your help, Massive Nibble© can win the money we need to build a solar-powered, water-cooled Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE©) for use in watercraft. Together, we can enhance the safety and security of American waters by enabling the Coast Guard to patrol on sunny days,

The designs provided herein are of a sound location detection device.
The purpose of this product is to identify the location of origin of a particular sound in any environment.

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