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Title: The Safety Mailbox

America has a long history of the roadside mailbox dating back to the RFD inception in 1896. This new mail service provided for a way for rural and suburban homes to send and receive inexpensive mail. Now 584 million pieces of mail are delivered daily.
As wonderful as roadside mail is, the mailbox can be dangerous to autos and pedestrians. Damaged mailboxes are a nuisance for homeowners and an added cost to municipalities who pay to replace mailboxes damaged by their snowplows.
The Safety Mailbox solves many of those problems. Using standard economy hardware and the power of gravity, it swings away from glancing impacts and resets itself. When run over directly, breakaway bolts ...

WalkSafe Products are designed to be useful, convenient and attractive items that include safety and security features, including instructional booklets, discussions groups and videos. These resources are "enhanced user manuals" that not only helps the user make the best use of the product, it also encourages a basic mindset of awareness that is always beneficial.

We bring an innovative new spin on already familiar products. One such example is the WalkSafe Flashlight, which can be conveniently carried in purse, pocket or belt clip. This also includes a built-in webcam that can be used easily for videoconferencing, Skype or immediatly alerting 911 to an emergency situation and initiating a live video/audio session with GPS information. Bluetooth connectivity allows MP3 playback ...

Steganography, derived from Greek, roughly translated as “cover writing.” It is a “hide and seek” system that embeds hidden information in unremarkable cover media so as not to arouse an eavesdropper’s suspicion except the intended recipient. Embedding a message into an image requires two files. The first is the innocent-looking image that will hold the hidden information, called the cover image. The second file is the message—the information to be hidden. The hiding system needs a host file, a prepared message file, and an optional key to insert the message into the host for creating a cover host. The seek system operates in reverse. To extract the hidden message it takes a covert host and an optional key as ...

The TRS (tactical rescue-survival) suit has been designed to:

1) offer enhanced life protection to the wearer

2) assist in rescue/survival via nano-technologies incorporated within the TRS

3) extend rescue or survival goals via nano-technologies incorporated within the TRS

The suit is also designed to be worn either in wet (under water) and/or dry environments.

The TRS is a self-contained unit which is self-powered.

The TRS ccan be used for military, rescue and/or civilian needs.

See the attached images for further ...

The Vehicle Vector Wireless Network (VVWN) is an added option to current GPS navigation units. The VVWN inputs vector data from other VVWN units within its wireless network range, and transmits its own vector data to other vehicles within its range. The main purpose of the system is to calculate potential collisions between vehicles.

Current GPS navigation units already calculate direction and velocity. GPS units also contain a mapping database. The added Vehicle Vector Wireless Network components would utilize the velocity and direction data within the current GPS navigation unit and communicate this information to other GPS units within a range of the VVWN. A single VVWN will anylize all other VVWN data within its range searching for potential ...

The prototype should act as a vest personal lifeboat JCB in all kinds of shipwrecks. It consists of several protective layers of plastic or extremely strong polymers, the penultimate formed by a medieval mesh, to protect against shark attacks in particular. The vest personal lifeboat JCB is a collection which we enter as if it were a suit once we post, we throw into the water, there we pull up the flat, which shoots compressed air and fills the vest air completely allowing us to float mouth up vertically. The vest personal lifeboat JCB brings a series of devices such as a GPS, which emits signals of location and tracking, to be located. The vest ...

Automatic Video/Image transmission from a stolen or theft vehicle

When an intruder enters the car or vehicle, the camera mounted above the steering wheel will automatically start streaming the video/image of the intruder to the preloaded mobile/cell number.

The different sensors like pressure sensors, motion sensors and switches connected to the door connect to the burglar alarm. An ECU or CPU keep watching the information from the sensors. Whenever an intruder enters the vehicle the sensors are activated and
the camera is signaled and switched on. The camera start streaming the video from the 3G GSM modem to the mobile/cell or to any phone number. The mobile number or phone number is preloaded in the modem. The emergency ...

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are used by terrorists worldwide. These crude but effective explosive devices are easy to assemble, inexpensive and produce devastating results. Foreign and domestic terrorists have effectively employed these devices to undertake stand-off attacks as opposed to use of conventional weapons. Such use results in heightened public relations benefit while enabling anonymity. Low cost and easy access to materials used to configure IEDs along with rapid communication/training via the internet enables ongoing use of stand-off weapon systems in absence of better C-IED capability and technologies.

The instant invention comprises conventional COTS along with improved visual detection/analysis capability enabling early detection of IED locations and depth. This is accomplished utilizing tenets suggested by JIEDDO/PerSEAS, however heretofore ...

The basic principle for this idea is to create a localized change in weather such that a fire will die out, be suppressed or forced to burn away from the area of coverage.
This is accomplished by 3 things: Large volume of high velocity wind, large amount of chilled/cold water, separated into small particulate drops (mist.)
Fire requires 3 things to burn: Fuel, Oxygen and Heat. Reduction and removal of anyone of these will kill the fire.
With a high wind directing the fire in an alternate direction and the cold water dropping the temperature, a forest fire burning toward a neighborhood would be forced to pick a different direction. It would be difficult for the fire to create ...

Currently available, state-of-the-art, Flame Detectors are too large, too heavy, too power hungry, too slow to respond, and completely unsuitable for many applications requiring: low weight and smaller size, operations on next-to-no power, an immediate and effective response of fire suppression equipment for both personnel safety and expensive/critical equipment protection, and safeguards in areas with access difficulties, no local power, or a need for less cabling.

With newer requirements of: system cabling reduction by integrated power using energy harvesting, or a battery (only if absolutely necessary) lasting at least 2 years; and, wireless networked communications for multiple sensors in a protection zone; flame detection in less than 4mS for rapid fire extinguishment; operational in daylight conditions; and NO false-alarms; ...

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