Safety and Security

Modern fabrication techniques permit manufacture of economical personnel and package security scanners integrating traditional metal detection with high-resolution ultrasound imaging of dense materials, such as explosives, hidden in clothing or small packages. currently deployed systems for security imaging are large, expensive, fixed installations with large power requirements,

A highly successful innovation to increase highway safety was the introduction of water-filled crash barriers at various high-danger locations. Many of these barriers are cylindrical is shape with a detachable cover. They are made of an easily crushable/deformable material and are filled with ordinary water.

“L.I.B.E.R.O.” is a patented fire fighting system which offers particular safety characteristics since it is not an obstacle to navigation. It has been thought to be used in open spaces such as airports, heliports, helipads as well per subways, harbours, oil and industrial sector.

Knock, knock, knock! As a homeowner, I get visits from home security companies. As a father and a husband, I want to do everything within my power to ensure the safety of my family. However,

Military/Police/Security Forces need cheaper, yet just as effective NIJ level IV protection from heavily armed adversaries. The Salamander Research And Development design is lighter, cheaper and “greener” to produce; as my design does not require a Kiln/Sintering oven to produce “plates”.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) claims the life of nearly one out of every 200 children born worldwide. As of today, no explanation has been offered for this phenomenon, and no solution has been found…yet.

The SureChild: LiveSensor system comprises a monitoring system consisting of a thin,


Approximately five billion dollars in US revenue is lost annually due to open area fires. Millions of acres of forest, many buildings and other properties are destroyed. Tragically, many brave firefighters and countless wildlife are lost.

The Lund Variable Velocity Weapon System, or LVVWS, is a variable velocity non-lethal projectile launch system that uses a commercially available combustion gas in a single cycle engine to launch impact projectiles to deter or incapacitate an opponent.

There have been many types of brakes to stop what's moving. From that there is one braking system that is known as magnetic brakes. These brakes are being used in the Trams and Railways.
These Brakes operate on the principle of Eddy current Losses, i.

For those who want to participate, an add-on sensor to your PDA and/or Cell Phone that can sense the presents of volitile material can be designed. Once installed and activated, this information along with GPS coordinates could be feed into a Homeland security data warehouse for analysis.

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