Safety and Security

Hydrogen is the largest single gas and primary energy source that is prevalent throughout the universe. Our atmosphere has about 5.5 ppm of Hydrogen. The explosive power of Hydrogen is well-known. Early detection of Hydrogen leaks in storage tanks, gas filling stations, petrochemical industries, etc.,

Any adventure/extreme sport, trekking or geological survey teams meet with accidents. For a mountain rescue operation team it takes atleast 5 persons to transport an injured person down an ice capped mountain or from any other difficult to access rough terrain.

This will require the driver and all passengers in a car to fasten their seat-belt before the car starts, using weight sensors under the seats. This will save money, not to mention lives, and reduce injuries. This will also reduce amount of ticket writing and court time.


SafeSense RescueBot

BACKGROUND: In many emergency response situations, it is often desirable to use automated devices with artificial intelligence to attempt a successful rescue and to ensure the safety and security of rescuers, victims and property.

The guidePOD is a device to help the blind and visually impaired move around.The device can be strapped on parts of the human body and used for navigating around obstacles.

Te device is powered by a micro controller and senses distance using ultrasonic sensors.

Now a day, the automobile is very common to everybody. But everybody is facing the problem of breakage of clutch and/or brake wire in between his or her journey. At that time,

I have big plans for my proposed oil film skimmers and tar/oil-ball collectors. They can be both hauled and powered by small motorboats. They are ideal low-cost, first-responders, designed for quick localized and third-world production. When oil threatens,

Detection of chemical and biological weapons is an urgent and pressing problem for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Current Problem: Secure Communications of our Critical Resources
Safe, secure communications for the nation’s power, water, chemical, and facility plants are of monumental importance.


Security/identification system for the transportation industry. Applicable at warehouses, military installations, ports of entry and any place requiring high level of security. Here's how it works:

A. LANDIT LINE - Partially ground-imbedded structure resembling parking area painted guidance line,

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