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Thumb screws, wing nuts or knobs are usually hand tightened to secure parts that do not require large clamping forces. However, they are subject to undesirable loosening due to vibration.

There is a need for a more reliable hand tightened fastener that does not loosen.


The vibratory cavitation piston pumps (VCPP) are intended for moving and spraying solutions and aggressive liquids.

It is remarkably that the VCPP technology was opened,

Project Overview:
This project will create an energy producing device that will take in an underwater current, increase its velocity 3 to 10 times. This gives the CKM an advantage over most designs today for current to power devices.

A Pair Push & Pull Thermal Dynamic Engines.
A super flat profile Linn's thermal engine panel, 1 sq-meter X 3" thick, consists of 2 sets ultra low temperature thermal dynamic engines configured as push and pull cranking mechanism to drive a micro electric generator on top.

Zebedee is a small hand-held device that consists of a lightweight LiDAR scanner with 30m (100ft) maximum range and a industrial-grade MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU) mounted on a simple spring mechanism. As an operator holding the device moves through the environment,

The development of the ZeeEye UAV provides environmentally friendly production and low-cost lightweight, durable proprietary CBM™ materials.

Technical Abstract:

As UAV technology is rapidly evolving to meet specific operational requirements, the ZeeEye combines three high power and money saving technologies which provide the ZeeEye extended flight endurance.

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