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Highly coupled rigidly fixed wind turbines in the wind energy market have and continue to exhibit field reliability concerns, short of their 20 year typical life expectancy.


A proposal is made to apply an automatic style torque converter concept that will act as a rigid blade load decoupler and absorber via the fluid torque rotary motion transfer energy into an appropriately gear span redesigned planetary gear drive system having the capability to drive at low winds speeds below 5 mph to specific max wind turbine and region speed capability. The intent is to strive to broaden the performance curve to harness more of the available wind speed band. Reliability for the gearbox will in turn be ...

Classical machining operations largely fall into the "subtractive manufacturing" category - operations that remove material from a solid billet to form the desired part. In recent decades, however, new forms of "additive manufacturing" have become available. In these cases, a CNC machine is used to add material to the workpiece to build up the desired features on the part. Examples include selective laser sintering (SLS), fused depositional modeling (FDM), and stereolithography. All of these techniques are limited in that they are largely only able to form parts from thermoplastics and resins. These techniques have historically required expensive and complex equipment which make them suitable only for high-end prototyping or industrial applications.

Very recently hobby-sized CNC machines and kits for ...

Compressed air is a common energy source due to high power with light tooling. Air tools can be used in locations where electric power would explode. As with any energy source storage is a major draw back. Catastrophic failures of tanks and piping are also very dangerous. A system has been developed to compress and store compressed gases at very high pressures using standard low-pressure vessels. It is easy to build using standard off the shelf materials and is inherently safer than existing compressed air storage systems.

The system consists of any number of tanks within tanks depending on pressures desired. The inner most tank contains the highest pressure but is contained within a tank at some other pressure ...

Fresh water supplies are severely limited in many parts of the world, e.g., Central America, Gulf States of the US, Africa, Middle East, Southern Asia, Australia and Mediterranean Europe. Fortunately, they are close to large saltwater bodies with plenty of sunlight available year round. The sunlight can be utilized to desalinate saltwater to provide fresh water for drinking, sanitation and industry. Sustainable engineering is achieved by harmoniously utilizing nature’s abundant and free provisions (solar power, wind, sea water, etc.) in a way that is both beneficial for us humans and for the environment.

In this setup, sunlight is concentrated, using mirror arrays that follow the sun (heliostats), and directed at a collector tank containing saltwater which is heated ...

A construction heater equipped with a highly energy-efficient fan and heated by a burner free of emissions. Exhaust gases from the burning contributes to room warming so that the efficiency approaches 100%. The fan is of radial type and is free from noise and reaches almost 95% efficiency. The heater has a design that allows the heated air to be distributed equally in all directions and by using the Coanda effect reaches the hot air all over the floor surface. This provides uniform drying of the concrete or which are intended to be dried. The heater is equipped with a supermarket trolley wheels. With a motor of 50 W is obtained 500 cbm/h air flow and a warming of ...

Ever watched someone welding on TV? If you have the spark never hurt your eyes cause the TV is not able to produce a spark that bright to harm your eyes. This helmet gives the wearer a full color picture as if not wearing a helmet at all but has full vision rather than the dark experience the auto-darkening helmets give. This is like welding in the Day Light rather than in the ...

What problem does your design idea solve?
What are the potential benefits?
How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
Where would this idea be applied?
What is the market potential?
How does your design work?
How would your product be manufactured?
How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?

1. The problem of fresh water shortages worldwide now and in the future, and high energy costs of desalination. Changes water from a finite source to an unlimited source by tapping into the other 97%

2. The benefits are that no one owns the ocean. Almost all of the world's oceans are deep enough for the deep ...

A primary goal in compressor design for Gas Turbine Engines is the reduction of size and weight. It is also beneficial to reduce the number of parts, especially blades which are expensive to produce and maintain. To this end it is necessary to develop means of improving the performance of individual compressor stages so that fewer stages are required for a given application.

The aim of this project is to develop a working model of a multi-stage contra-rotating mini axial compressor to demonstrate its multifarious benefits over a conventional axial compressor. Till now no aircraft industry is using a contra-rotating compressor. So, our mini model is being made to overcome the mechanical challenges of this type of configuration ...

Changing of entire water pump for an air cooler with new characteristics:

1. Easy electromotor installing in to casing at product assembly line
2. improving the heat dissipating of electro motor when it used at the new plastic casing.
3. Decrease the product ...

This prototype is to enable seamless router/switch management through mobile base stations.

The set up consists of a beacon module (USB enabled), network devices in a given location, a base station tower, and beacon/keep-alive sending modules in the routers or switches.
All base stations in a specific region (city/area) are provided with a specific set of 10 digit IDs. These 10 digit IDs are similar to 10 digit mobile numbers. Each location has an area code for the first 5 digits and  router ID for next 5 digits.

As soon as a ISP or company registers their routers to the base station, the mounted device starts monitoring the health of the ...

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