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Highly coupled rigidly fixed wind turbines in the wind energy market have and continue to exhibit field reliability concerns, short of their 20 year typical life expectancy.

Classical machining operations largely fall into the "subtractive manufacturing" category - operations that remove material from a solid billet to form the desired part. In recent decades, however, new forms of "additive manufacturing" have become available. In these cases,

Compressed air is a common energy source due to high power with light tooling. Air tools can be used in locations where electric power would explode. As with any energy source storage is a major draw back. Catastrophic failures of tanks and piping are also very dangerous.

Fresh water supplies are severely limited in many parts of the world, e.g., Central America, Gulf States of the US, Africa, Middle East, Southern Asia, Australia and Mediterranean Europe. Fortunately, they are close to large saltwater bodies with plenty of sunlight available year round.

A construction heater equipped with a highly energy-efficient fan and heated by a burner free of emissions. Exhaust gases from the burning contributes to room warming so that the efficiency approaches 100%. The fan is of radial type and is free from noise and reaches almost 95% efficiency.

Ever watched someone welding on TV? If you have the spark never hurt your eyes cause the TV is not able to produce a spark that bright to harm your eyes.

What problem does your design idea solve?
What are the potential benefits?
How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
Where would this idea be applied?
What is the market potential?
How does your design work?

A primary goal in compressor design for Gas Turbine Engines is the reduction of size and weight. It is also beneficial to reduce the number of parts, especially blades which are expensive to produce and maintain.

Changing of entire water pump for an air cooler with new characteristics:

1. Easy electromotor installing in to casing at product assembly line
2. improving the heat dissipating of electro motor when it used at the new plastic casing.

This prototype is to enable seamless router/switch management through mobile base stations.

The set up consists of a beacon module (USB enabled), network devices in a given location, a base station tower, and beacon/keep-alive sending modules in the routers or switches.

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