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The need to clean up space debris is urgent. We propose a comprehensive, self-sufficient and robotically enabled system, avoiding multiple launch support platforms once deployed. The main outlines comprise an initial vehicle together with a related debris processing plant.

Start up of energy equipment is guided by some restrictions of acceptable temperature changes with the aim to avoid higher stress conditions in construction materials.

These restrictions lie in a range of several [K/minute] to avoid higher stresses in construction during start up processes.

If these loadings,

(Study to Improve the Target Rock Relief Valve Using CFD-ANSYS Software Package)


Nuclear power plant emergency cooling systems serve the essential purpose of providing cooling for the reactor core in the event of failure of normal cooling systems.

This is my support system for retractable flat screen monitor room tables. Remember how disturbing the monitor on the table was during the meeting? My system includes a tubular support element (a rectangular development) which, on the one hand,

The FreeD is a hand-held, digitally controlled, milling device that is guided and monitored by a computer while still preserving the craftsperson's freedom to sculpt and carve. The computer will intervene only when the milling bit approaches the planned model.

The thermal stir welding process (U.S. Patents 7,980,449 & 8,127,977) is a new solid-state (meaning the weld metal does not melt during welding) welding process invented at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. The unique welding process (FIGURE 1) decouples the heating,

A major drawback with available thumbscrew type products is that sometimes not enough torque can be applied without a separate tool to clamp parts or engage a lock feature which is usually a requirement. The integral wrench greatly increases the torque applied to the screw.

This simple equipment is designed to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness level regarding time and material spent in tire manufacturing processes.

In current textile plies knitwork stage as initial process to make casing plies,

Universal spanner-screwdriver consists of
1) Frame (grey in picture).
2) 5 slotted (2 mm,3 mm,4 mm,5 mm,6 mm) screwdrivers.
3) 5 crossed (2 mm,3 mm,4 mm,5 mm,6 mm) screwdrivers.
4) Spanner (blue) (10 mm,12 mm,14 mm,19 mm,24 mm).
5) Spanner (red) (8 mm,11 mm,13 mm,17 mm,22 mm).

Analog to Digital Converters, ADC, provide digital representations of analog voltages/power for digital signal processing and control circuitry.

As sampling rates increase, problems of temperature drift, noise, aperture uncertainty and many more factors are exacerbated. Around 1978 a very bright Engineering Technician ( Bob ),

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