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The navigatorscope can be defined as a smart navigating wire with optical capabilities to inspect difficult-to-access-to areas in medium and large size pipes. The navigatorscope design resembles a flexible borescope.

The modern vehicles operate with lead-acid batteries, which are not environmentally correct, beyond the fact that they are expensive and have toxic products (sulfuric acid and the lead itself). In this work, a new idea is proposed in order to replace such electrochemical systems with new compounds.

The proposal relates to a non-radiation technology of manufacturing nano- and micro-track membranes by deep penetration.

This device attacks the age old problem of friction, while expanding the range of motion, raising efficiency, and offering virtually unlimited life. It is the first spiral magnetic bearing; making a non-contacting screw thread. A few parts have the functionality of a multi-stage gear train.

The 700 cotton ginners currently in operation in the United States struggle with international competition and declining profitability. This is in part due to the 2000 installed gin stands that use an old ginning technology that produces inferior fiber quality, short length and excessive waste.

Name of invention: Concave and Convex Roller Bearing

Range of field areas: Invention is widely used in the sphere of bearing production, mechanical engineering, as well as aircraft and high and light industry including other related fields of production.

This technology provides solutions to current energy problems and can reduce consumption of natural resources.

As an example of the phase transition, there is a phase transition between superfluid state and normal-fluid state of liquid helium.

Pauling et al. (1949) used electrophoresis to identify structural differences between normal and sickle hemoglobin. Their findings gave rise to molecular genetics and orthomolecular medicine.

The discoveries of HIV, AIDS and their consequences introduced needs for rigorous studies of functional molecular differences. For example,

This project proposes the development of a Production Logging Electron Spin Resonance Probe to operate in the range of temperatures and pressures found in the crude oil production wells able to provide the surface equipment a real time chemical analysis of the crude collected by each geological layer or

Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a sudden and difficult-to-predict severe degradation mode of failure of nuclear, petrochemical, and other industries. This is a development proposal for a very important model´s improvement. This is the slip-step dissolution and film rupture model,

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