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Nowadays security space activities are seriously threatened by space debris, more than 300,000 fragments in orbit. The most orbital debris is from disused LEO satellite. If we do not clean it up, the space debris problem will get worse.

This system, completely innovative and original, is the normal evolution of a series of machines that, using the principle of interference of static magnetic fields, including the paternity claim, can be used to produce mechanical energy.

The Manta Ray Unmanned Underwater Riverine Craft (UURC) is designed to perform clandestine, persistent surveillance in riverine, inlets, harbors, and other coastal shallow water environments as well as providing a platform that can provide extended time-on-station research.

Three figures viz. Fig.1, Fig.2 & Fig.3 are attached. Fig.1 shows a typical globe valve with gland rope arrangement. Fig.2 shows a globe valve with a typical mechanical seal arrangement in lieu of gland rope arrangement. Fig.

This is a means of killing bed bug infestation in bed mattresses and other hard to treat areas that can handle exposure to microwave energy, yet the use of insecticides is not welcomed.

This design is a concept of incorporating mine detection electrics within the fabric of military boots for protecting our troops by outfitting the boots with mine detectors. Simple and cheap.

It can also be made available to many of the warring countries to protect civilians.

Many biological species have disappeared or evolved through the history of our planet. Such could be the fate of mankind – to disappear or to evolve. What makes us different from other biological species is CONSCIOUSNESS.Through the centuries, people have looked for ways to preserve it, even after death.

This two part device includes (1) a special type of microscope capable of analyzing biological molecules down to the atomic level in their natural fluid (folded) state and (2) a molecular fabricator that will use this surface knowledge to create custom antibodies highly specific to the analyzed molecule.

In this time of inflation and space crisis in the manufacturing and construction industry, there is a tool that could do much more than its operation. There are tools available in the market similar with multiple functionality,

Expensive, new functional materials such as organic semiconductors, semiconducting Quantum Dots (QDs), nanowires and graphene all require deposition of ultra-thin, precise coatings, often as monolayers … but cost effective application of such precise micro- and nano-coatings,

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