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Problem: In large stores such as Walmart, it's a bit difficult to find things sometimes efficiently. The guided shopping, computers and signs' sentiment are neat features; but, they are not intelligent enough in case that a customer want to take products in an efficient way and a shortest path.

Arguably, the strongest structures in nature have to be the webs spun by spiders.

These super lightweight structures can support massive loads, they can span vast distances (anyone who has walked into a web spun across a garden path can testify).

I would like to submit a 3D CAD rendering of a micro fusion power board for use in space vehichles that can travel beyond light speed.

Vortex Fire Suppression Cannon

Vortex Fire Suppression Cannon (VFSC) utilizing non-resource consuming fire-fighting technology particularly aimed at large brush or forest fires by way of aircraft supported fire suppression technology. Oddly enough but true;

Looking at modern forklifts, there are many things either too awkward or too delicate to handle without breaking when operating these big heavy machines. That's where the RAV (Robotic Assistance Vehicle) comes in. Not only can it pick up and manipulate irregular shaped objects,

This entry describes a product that can be built with proper research coordination.

We are on the verge of being able to build this robot/machine that would revolutionize the civilization we live in.

RoFo BevDisHeadgear contains, transports and dispenses a beverage from a spigot for rehydration. The RoFo BevDisHeadgear is a decanter that is useful in all seasons. It is a GREEN PRODUCT… as it is reusable, eco-friendly and does not harm the environment.

There is an increasing desire to use Condition Based Maintenance instead of traditional scheduled maintenance or breakdown maintenance in rotating machinery. To fulfill the goal of CBM, estimating the remaining useful life is very important.

Radial Air Motor Based On Rolling Elements
The subject of this entry is a new type of positive displacement air motor or pump whose features include:
•Positive, variable displacement. Allows high-speed and torque with low air consumption and minimal loss of efficiency.
•Dynamically balanced.

The engine consists of an elliptic casing 19, a rotor 10 with vanes 11 that, owing the copy mechanism 25, allows them to maintain contact with the elliptic casing in all positions. So the vanes play the role of the pistons. A single vane replaces one piston, one cylinder,

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