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The patent pending RSK-185 is a lithium-ion battery powered rotary tool to safely remove the criss-crossed outer layers made of high strength spring steel on umbilical cables. These cables are used to control and power ROV vehicles (remotely operated underwater vehicles).

This prototype is a new type of telescope dedicated to a non-professional amateur public. This system is composed of a fully automated rotary movement and an inclination automatic. These two movements are controlled by two stepping motors by means of a kit electronic control.

Magnetic assemblies, for switching power excitation, using Sector Torus Core sections, in conjunction with round rod core sections,and two layer coherent windings, can weigh half as much, cost half as much, and have half the energy losses, when compared to assemblies in current production. Typical magnetic assemblies include Inductors,

Bushing bearings are used as a cost effective alternative to much more expensive ball or roller bearings. The main drawback, however, is the radial clearance between the bearing and the shaft that continues to increase as the bearing wears. In addition to the noise generated,

In most gear drives, due to inertial motion the driven output shaft becomes the driving one and the driving input shaft becomes the driven one. This condition is known as back-driving. In order to prevent this condition, different types of brake or clutch devices are used. However,

Many alloys have rare earth additions to improve their surface properties at high temperatures. A new product, Minimox® Nanocrystalline Alloy Treatment, exploits this fact to protect a variety of alloys in extreme environmental conditions of elevated temperature and/or corrosive atmospheres.

Steam Generating Apparatus (SGA) is a small, compact hot water or steam generator using a small motor to spin up to speed for whatever you require.

The SGA device is only 4" in diameter using an AC drive to control a 1HP motor.

Simultaneous Production of Nano Carbon, Hydrogen and Energy


This process is based on compression of acetylene. When acetylene is compressed it explodes, generating thermal and mechanical energy and decomposes to its original constituents; carbon (finely divided) and hydrogen.

This telescope design consists of a primary mirror shaped to a parabola along a single axis. Whereas a conventional telescope focuses light to a single point, the Single-Axis Telescope spreads its focus along a sensor the same width as the mirror.

Chemical classification is an important operation for many industries. Typically, this is done with portable spectrometers that cost on the order of $5000. The data from portable spectrometers must be transported back to the lab to have post processing determine what the contents of the measurement were.

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