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Measuring very small angles with high precision from a distance on the order of meters or more, as is needed in applications such as calibrating coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), or aligning gravitational wave detector or particle accelerator components, currently requires the use of laser interferometry, and involves making use of a minimum of two beams for either pitch or yaw.

In this invention, the problem of measuring very small angular changes is transformed into that of measuring more readily detectable changes in incident optical power on a photosensor, in this case, a PSD, or Position-Sensing Device.

Furthermore, both pitch and yaw can be measured simultaneously utilizing a single laser beam.

The system relies on a novel dissipative optical fiber ...

Any good machine design must both start at the top with high-level concepts and then immediately restart at the bottom. Good designs will eventually meet themselves in the middle. Today, the very pinnacle of our machine designs, the defining relationship between man and machine, is one of master-slave.

Many human beings have an unreasoning fear that our machines will rebel and do us harm. This fear produced some notable science fiction, including "2001, A Space Odyssey" and "The Terminator" (Figure 2), but the fear is not justified. We are nowhere near developing a robot that could actually take over, but the fear itself is still real.

A number of events in American history, particularly John Brown's raid just before ...


*All the weight of the axis spins on a hydraulic fluid, eliminating the need for metallic rollers.

*Works with a very low pressure due the great contact surface. Approximately 71 psi (5kgf/cm2).

*The fluid pressure causes the flotation and the equilibrium of the inner body of the bearing.

***New, non-obvious, useful (PCT/OMPI 2012).


1) Possesses 4 inner fluid reservoirs and 4 outer fluid reservoirs.

2) In each inner fluid reservoir there is a “T” shaped part.

3) The “T” shaped part, on the spin, sustains the axis being suported by the fluid.

4) The inner fluid reservoir is connected to a respective outer fluid reservoir by a duct, transferring the fluid pressure.

5) ...

The state of the art solution proposed herein involves the introduction of components made from 2 newly-described, patent-pending crystalline alloys, which compose a multi-sectional pre-fabricated alloy girder-pin frame, which surrounds the entire oil platform (from the vertical level of the platform, all the way down to the mud of the ocean floor). Surrounding this tall cylindrical girder-pin frame, a vertical outer sleeve barrier created by a pair of lap-folded, double-layered, oil impermeable, alloy-fiber and alloy-cable-reinforced cloth sheets, contain all gases and oil escaping within the base of the girder-frame. As the oil and gas rise within this cylindrical containment, two sets of alloy-fiber and alloy-cable reinforced fabric, slip-knot anchored, expansible conical containment barriers capture the collected oil and gases. ...

The goal was to design a highly accurate, cost effective dispense pump that would be 100% PTFE (Teflon) in the wetted flow path which results in excellent chemical resistance to acids and bases. PTFE also has extremely low surface energy which results in minimal retention for bio-pharma applications.

Traditional dispense pumps typically fall into two general categories that limit their capabilities in sensitive environments that cannot accept any degree of fluid leakage or contamination.

Syringe type dispense pumps have a linear output and reasonable pressure capability but they are not available in 100% inert materials due to the nature of their design which requires a dynamic seal to be in contact with the bore of the syringe. ...

Team JURBAN has designed an efficient, long-range communications device that can fit within a 24 inch cubic enclosure. Using an inflatable dish from GATR technologies as a low-powered, high gain antenna (0 in antenna capable of a 2Mbps data link rate, with four back-up, lower data rate omnidirectional S-Band dipoles that also act as a short range communication system. The real innovation in the design is our Earth tracking algorithm and control system implementation, which uses three redundant 6 degree-of-freedom Inertial Measurement Units (IMU). These IMUs implement a quaternion math-based Kalman filter for improved stability and removes the possibility of gimbal lock, a dangerous problem which removes one degree of freedom. This had been a problem for the Apollo ...

There is a growing problem that threatens the operational readiness, sustainment and ownership cost of military aircraft. However, recent technical developments have made possible a new inspection method that greatly mitigates this threat, and now multiple Air Force, Navy and NATO case studies are validating the effectiveness of this new capability. The growing problem is intermittent faults in aging aircraft electronic boxes. The recent development is the Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS).

An intermittent fault, or momentary “open,” can be due to a number of different conditions including a cracked solder joint, a corroded contact, a sprung connector receptacle, a loose crimp connection, a hairline crack in a printed circuit trace, a loose wire wrap, ...

The machine I invented uses Ultraviolet light to instantly weld PMMA Plastic Optical Fibers into any flexible material that a hollow point stainless steel needle can penetrate. The CNC machine I commissioned a company to build based on my invention requires an input data file designating the X,Y coordinates of each insertion point which it in turn uses to insert a fiber through a hollow point needle extending it into a specially designed UV Fixative then retracting it to the surface where the fiber point is exposed for a fraction of a second to intense UV light welding it permanently to the material. The needle head retracts and moves across the insertion plane feeding fiber out subsequently inserting the ...

For car air conditioning, engine power requirements for a variable displacement compressor is less than a fixed displacement compressor as flow of the refrigerant can be varied as per cooling demands. Also, sudden clutching and declutching of a fixed displacement type compressor creates problem on smooth running of the engine.

The mechanism of this new variable displacement compressor is less complicated than other compressors of this category and so cheap as well and appropriate for car air conditioning.

On a circular base platform a number of compressor cylinders are arranged around the centre near the circumference of the platform. A central column stands just at the centre of the base platform. A driving disc mounted at the top end ...

To produce bio-fertilizer from microbiological organisma involving bio-process equipment called Bio-reactors. The objective of this product is to produce a low cost bio-reactor.

Bio-reactor processes are described in the following sequences:
1. Cleaning Culture Tank with Disinfectant/Alcohol.
2. Filling Culture Tank with Culture Media.
3. Sterilizing Culture Media by steam jacket heating to reach a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius degree and hold in 15 minutes. Steam created from steam generator by electrical heating.
4. Cooling the media to ambient temperature by water cooling.
5. Filling microbiological organism to cell culture media.
6. Incubation process require free from contaminant aeration and stirring the media to reach homogeneous bio-process
7. After the incubation reaches the final condition, cultured cell is ready ...

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