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The generators that we have today consist of an armature that rotates and a stationary object. Either the magnetic field is rotated and the coil is kept stationary or vice-versa.

The basic principle of a generator is to produce change in magnetic flux linked with the coil.

Talk about 3-D printing is everywhere, however it’s old news.

Every laser printer deposits and fuses a layer of ink onto a page that is easily felt with the fingertips and is, in fact, printing in the third dimension.

Today we find smoke detectors being made mandatory on all commercial and residential buildings, but they only provide immediate local warning for an existing fire or the presence of smoke. Furthermore, beyond the warning given,

Electric Field Photo Mask for Photolithography

1/ A –ve charge gun shoots –ve charges at the glass plate & forms a pattern with –ve charges.
2/ The light source for this lithography is a –ve charged ion beam.

Low-cost, high efficient, precision electro-mechanical device. Proceeds amount and direction of mechanical movement into electric impulses with high resolution.

For providing synchronous movement on technological lines, transporters, labeling equipment, for printing on moving objects.

About one-third of the fuel used in the world is for internal combustion engines in cars and trucks. Given the combustion temperatures in these engines, the theoretical efficiency is over 70%, but the efficiency of present-day car engines is about 25%.

Design and Development of Suitable Custom Made, Compact, Economical and Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Pumping Unit.

Industrial conveying systems are used in many industries on production lines to convey many types of products such as cardboard boxes or plastic bottles.

The present invention segregates the various contaminates
from each treatment or process step, thereby resulting in a
plurality of recovery tanks each containing only a single
contaminant. Because each recovery tank contains only a
single contaminant, the process of recovering that single contaminant, if desired,


This is a presentation of new Railway Greasing devices for noise reduction and prolonging material Time – Life – Cycle as well as train wheel & track.

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