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The generators that we have today consist of an armature that rotates and a stationary object. Either the magnetic field is rotated and the coil is kept stationary or vice-versa.

The basic principle of a generator is to produce change in magnetic flux linked with the coil. The more the change, the more voltage produced.

In this model, both the magnet housing and the coil are rotated but in opposite directions.

In this way, the relative velocity between the magnets and the coil is doubled.

Since the relative velocity between the magnets and the coil is doubled, the magnetic flux change will also double.

Now, if the magnetic flux change is doubled, then the e.m.f. induced will also be doubled.

Talk about 3-D printing is everywhere, however it’s old news.

Every laser printer deposits and fuses a layer of ink onto a page that is easily felt with the fingertips and is, in fact, printing in the third dimension.

The Dust to Dust Printer takes things a step farther. Since paper is a 3 dimensional object, the Dust to Dust Printer also prints the paper.

Starting with nanoparticles, when printing is called for, the user decides the size, shape and thickness of the paper. The designated size and shape of the desired paper is fused at the top layer of nanoparticle dust in the bin to form a sheet of “paper,” using laser or a chemical reaction that creates ...

Today we find smoke detectors being made mandatory on all commercial and residential buildings, but they only provide immediate local warning for an existing fire or the presence of smoke. Furthermore, beyond the warning given, they form no other function for the First Responders that attend and attempt to save lives and property.

The proposal here is for a device already invented, to be added to any existing smoke detector currently being made,that acts as a location specific advanced warning device that can receive from the local E911 center any advanced warnings that may need to be issued to the office or home. Further more the device with an intelligent radio concept, can be activated from street level by ...

Electric Field Photo Mask for Photolithography

1/ A –ve charge gun shoots –ve charges at the glass plate & forms a pattern with –ve charges.
2/ The light source for this lithography is a –ve charged ion beam.
3/ This –ve charged ion beam goes through a divergent lens & scatter light onto the glass plate.
4/ The pattern formed with –ve charges on the glass plate will repel the ion beam light while the area with no –ve charges on the glass plate allows ion beam light to go through.
5/ Thus a pattern is formed on the substrate & the photo resist is hardened.
6/ This method can save time in Photolithography for Microchip & Printed Circuit ...

Low-cost, high efficient, precision electro-mechanical device. Proceeds amount and direction of mechanical movement into electric impulses with high resolution.

For providing synchronous movement on technological lines, transporters, labeling equipment, for printing on moving objects.


The Idea is to implement optical sensor of computer mouse to the rotation disk, which mechanically connected with moving part of any kind apparatus. Important characteristic is that it is possible to adjust impulse/revolution ratio by simple radial moving the sensor parallel the disk surface.

Optical CMOS sensor in IC provides a non-mechanical tracking engine. On the chip images are captured, digitized, and then digitally processed.

Using an optical navigation technology, the sensor measures changes in position by optically ...

About one-third of the fuel used in the world is for internal combustion engines in cars and trucks. Given the combustion temperatures in these engines, the theoretical efficiency is over 70%, but the efficiency of present-day car engines is about 25%. A large part of the energy loss is due to sliding friction of the pistons in the cylinders. It is well known that sliding friction can be a hundred times as great as rolling friction. If the sliding friction of pistons could be replaced by rolling friction, much higher efficiency engines could be produced.

We have patented a revolutionary new engine called “MECH” that substitutes rolling friction for sliding friction in internal combustion engines. “MECH” stands for Motor, ...

Design and Development of Suitable Custom Made, Compact, Economical and Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Pumping Unit.

It consists of

Primary Pump (Electrical)
Backup Pump (Diesel engine driven)
Pressure Compensating/Jockey Pump (Electrical)


Pump selection (as per NFPA Standards)
Motor Selection
Engine Selection
Cascade development (single or multiple/combination pump stands, single and/or common suction and discharge, etc.)
Flow calculations
Hydraulic calculations of main system
Calculation of losses in piping and pump set and their incorporation back into the final design as per NFPA and/or custom standards
Valve selection (calculations and analysis for types, ratings, characteristics...linear, equal percentage, etc.)
Piping (calculations and analysis for size, lengths, etc.)
Diagram development (Flow/Hydraulic, piping, electrical, etc.)
Instrumentation (Ammeter, Voltmeter, tachometer, flow meter, temperature and ...

Industrial conveying systems are used in many industries on production lines to convey many types of products such as cardboard boxes or plastic bottles. Typical conveyor systems consist of a moving chain or belt supported in a permanently mounted rigid frame with fixed guide rails to maintain product orientation as it flows down the conveyor. It is typically difficult and expensive to reconfigure a conveyor line layout once it has been assembled and installed. Until we invented the new Flex-Curve Conveyor it has been impossible to reconfigure a live operating conveyor line on the fly.

Our new Flex-Curve Conveyor Turn allows a conveyor turn to be easily reshaped into any angle between plus or minus 90 degrees. The ...

The present invention segregates the various contaminates
from each treatment or process step, thereby resulting in a
plurality of recovery tanks each containing only a single
contaminant. Because each recovery tank contains only a
single contaminant, the process of recovering that single contaminant, if desired, is simpler as compared to a recovery tank containing multiple contaminants. Furthermore, the present invention flushes the rinse tank each time an article is rinsed therein so that multiple contaminants are not mixed by virtue of residue remaining in the rinse tank. Further, the present invention permits a specific article to be immersed or submerged in a rinse fluid where different rinse fluid types may be used, for example, hot fluids, cold fluids, deionized ...


This is a presentation of new Railway Greasing devices for noise reduction and prolonging material Time – Life – Cycle as well as train wheel & track.

The Thin_Greasing_Device – High_Speed – ( in following text TGD-HS ) is in a basic modular design which is able to use as well as standard greasing devices in-side of track and as out-side greasing devices for track-head-greasing (contact surface among track & train wheel).

High Speed :
– suitable for cargo trains ( speed ca. 22 m/s ) and travelling trains ( speed ca. 55 m/s )

The TGD-HS is built from four main parts:

1. GB - Greasing Blades
2. UC - Universal- Carrier - (for carrying GB )
3. ...

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