The proposed system provides a method for the detection of shoe bombs using ultrasound imaging. Currently, there is no detection method designed for this purpose that allows the travelers to pass through security without removing their shoes.

A simpler version of the telescope mounting shown here was first conceived as a father/daughter/son project at a local museum. The components were pre-cut and then later assembled in a class of about 8-10 scopes.

Today vehicle parking space is creating problem for our cities. There are different types of vehicles -- 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler, heavy vehicle like tempo, bus, truck, etc.

Everyday the media brings us the horrible news on road accidents. How to investigate the cause of an accident by recording some data like alcohol sensing, location and speed etc. is presented in this project.

We all know the disasters generated by nuclear power plants like the Chernobyl Disaster or Fukushima recently.

Yet people stress the fact the plants are safe but by recent standards they are not 100% fault proof.

The increasing technological developments have called for increasing production of equipment governed by micro-processors and micro-controllers as part of the strategy of counting. In the field of micro-processor RISC & CISC technologies are the bases for the development of any calculation involving equipment such as PCs,

Universal spanner-screwdriver consists of
1) Frame (grey in picture).
2) 5 slotted (2 mm,3 mm,4 mm,5 mm,6 mm) screwdrivers.
3) 5 crossed (2 mm,3 mm,4 mm,5 mm,6 mm) screwdrivers.
4) Spanner (blue) (10 mm,12 mm,14 mm,19 mm,24 mm).
5) Spanner (red) (8 mm,11 mm,13 mm,17 mm,22 mm).

This device will function as a replacement for a human translator. But it is more powerful than a human. Two individuals speaking different languages will use this device to communicate by talking to the device.

The device will identify the language by recording a few sentences from person A and B.

The Universal Wheelchair Seating Transfer System (UWSTS) introduces a solution to the problems wheelchair users face daily, difficult transfers and exclusion in many activities. Electric wheelchair users frequently have to make transfers to use different devices; often transfers are difficult and dangerous.

There is much talk about wind and solar, but they are both intermittent, unpredictable, and expensive. The real solution to the energy and pollution problem is geothermal. It was determined in 1980 that if we could instantly switch over all our energy needs to geothermal,

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