A new passenger-carrying aircraft design is proposed which will be able to efficiently move people at a speed of 300 MPH for typical distances of 10 to 150 miles.

I am submitting a design for a 40-passenger commuter aircraft. It is powered by two turbo-props.

The take-off video shows the aircraft taking off from a parking lot.

I present the bin for municipal solid waste intended for cities with narrow streets (for example: Venice) where it is not possible to get close to the truck or boat.

Project Overview:
This project will create an energy producing device that will take in an underwater current, increase its velocity 3 to 10 times. This gives the CKM an advantage over most designs today for current to power devices.

Pathogens (including cholera bacterium) in drinking water and contaminated food cause infectious diarrhea, which contributes to the deaths of 3 million young children each year; Helminthic infections of multicellular organisms transmitted in water such as Lymphatic Filariasis affects more than 120 million people worldwide, mainly in India and Africa;

Worldwide, the majority of potable water is delivered through distribution piping networks. These distribution systems can be shared between anywhere from a few hundred to several million people. While this is the most convenient and economical system available for the delivery of clean drinking water,

As noted by other entrants, vast quantities of water is wasted as a result of flushing toilets. Not that I recommend not flushing your toilet!

The basic idea is that the much of this water can be saved by replacing it as the carrier medium with a hydrocarbon alternative.

Solar power can only be harvested during daylight and then when not degraded by fog or overcast conditions. Wave energy is the only continuously available environmental power source (except for calm seas) that might be harvested.

Wave Winch is a wave energy absorber, based on the structure of the nautical winch, specially designed to damp the oscillations of a boat while it is moored and to transform the mechanical energy of the boat to electricity able to be stored in batteries.

My innovation is simple: to keep the city clean. Our present road wastebin is filled with waste. Municipal cleans every day but it smells outside the surroundings, shows dirty city area. Infants and the elderly get bad health as lots of diseases spread.

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