Germgard Lighting has developed and tested a small ultraviolet light dispenser, specifically designed for instantly and safely disinfecting bare and gloved hands. It achieves -6log10 inactivation in less than 3 seconds of all relevant pathogens, including antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA, tough-to-kill Clostridium difficile spores,

The V2 Renal Denervation System™ is a paradigm shift in the treatment of high blood pressure. It performs a fast, one-time procedure called Renal Denervation (RD), clinically shown to alleviate hypertension. Used in hospital catheterization labs,

The use of vacuum as a barrier to heat flow, in just about any thing but thermos bottles, is curiously nonexistent.

Buildings, windows, water heaters, refrigerators, ice chests, etc. are viable candidates.
Some of these lend themselves to both passive and dynamically held vacuum insulation.

The Vanquish is a scalable unmanned aerial vehicle, designed to transport personnel, wounded personnel and equipment and can perform surveillance and scout/attack missions. Though the vehicle was primarily designed for the Military, it has many civilian uses,

Variable ice dam to stop the flooding destruction in the spring(Mississippi River). The ice dam would be upstream where it's safe to backup the river. Hydropowered freezing units. The water only needs to be cooled a few degrees and slowed down to freeze.

vDesk is a cloud-based service that creates a “digital place” on the Internet for receiving and storing your important and personal information. vDesk is accessed by users (Subscribers) as a personal website where they can receive documents of many different types from a variety of sources.

The idea considered will impact aviation by the reduction in cost of construction, increased useful load and elimination of large moving structures, thereby allowing additional weight reduction or increased useful load.

Vehicles have started to be equipped with multiple cameras, radars, parking sensors, etc.
Sensors information shall be represented efficiently in a non-distractive way to the driver.

Nowadays, the drivers are usually well isolated from sounds of the outside world. Well enough - for my innovation.

Vehicle Rear Green Signal Lights
Indicating Vehicle Acceleration by Turning On
when the Accelerator Pedal is Depressed

My idea is to incorporate additional rear green acceleration signal lights into already existing block of vehicle rear lights.

I have designed and built a working prototype searchlight that delivers much more light per watt than typical searchlights, is more pleasing to the eye, can be easily and environmentally built using off the shelf parts and materials, some being used in an exciting new way.

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