Why wait until a commercial airliner crashed into the sea or on land to send a rescue team? Precious moments often elapse before arriving at the scene of the disaster to provide relief to victims, which in most cases it is already too late ...

LA to San Francisco in 160 minutes—GREAT! But ironically, as the size of cities and the speed in which we are able to travel great distances increases, we are increasingly more sedentary. In fact, we are sitting down more than ever before—9.3 hours per day,

You’re watching one of the hundreds of movies you have watched over the years where friends and families anxiously await the arrival of their loved-ones at an airport. There’s the mandatory shot of the airplane approaching from the distance,

The cost of fuel (diesel/petrol) to drive vehicles is increasing every day and all automobile companies are searching for alternate fuel or renewable source of technology.

Woobie is a smart combination of a seat, rocking-chair and a table. Wobbie is made of two parts, resembling the shape of a jing and a jang.

The two parts can be used either separatelly or they can be connected by straps into a cylinder. As a cylinder,

A Pair Push & Pull Thermal Dynamic Engines.
A super flat profile Linn's thermal engine panel, 1 sq-meter X 3" thick, consists of 2 sets ultra low temperature thermal dynamic engines configured as push and pull cranking mechanism to drive a micro electric generator on top.

A web site that will gather scientist and anyone with good ideas to develop the new generation spacecraft, top migrate to Mars, also fundraising from all around the world, anyone can donate, so its a project from the whole planet not from just a few nations.

After 30 years of discourse, there is broad consensus on the importance of electronic medical records (EMRs). It’s a fundamental topic in any discussion about improving healthcare quality and reducing costs.

The Challenge

X-ray radiation exposure is a major concern for millions of travelers, baggage handlers, and workers in the medical industry and industrial and homeland security sectors. In 2011 the European Union has banned backscatter machines in airports due to uncertain X-ray radiation exposure,

Zebedee is a small hand-held device that consists of a lightweight LiDAR scanner with 30m (100ft) maximum range and a industrial-grade MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU) mounted on a simple spring mechanism. As an operator holding the device moves through the environment,

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