The Rechargeable Therm-o-Electronic Battery

A device that looks just like but weighs less than a normal battery of its size, charges just like a battery but whose output is programmable within the dynamic range of the device.

Thin Film Photovoltaic Dynamic Wind Turbine Blade

The innovation consists of wind turbine blades that dynamically optomize peak performance of a wind turbine with the use of thin film photovoltaic technologies, solar energy and a computer controlled analysis program of wind conditions.

Thin film resistors are becoming the mainstay for hybrid microcircuits.

Integral part of the metal interconnect system.

Offer greater design latitude to the circuit designer; can be laser trimmed with high precision and stability in hermetic packages.

The thermoelectric effect is a reversible effect that allows the direct conversion between thermal energy and electric energy, without any intermediate step. This effect plays a key role in sensing, in generating electricity and cooling. The first examples of thin film thermoelectric devices are currently entering the market.

A novel tested technology for cooling electronic circuitry is available, also useful in many other industries. The method is called “Thin Cavity Fluidic Heat Exchanger”, abbreviated TCFHE. Technology details can be viewed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark website, application 20100078155.

The TCFHE is a simply constructed, small volume,

A major drawback with available thumbscrew type products is that sometimes not enough torque can be applied without a separate tool to clamp parts or engage a lock feature which is usually a requirement. The integral wrench greatly increases the torque applied to the screw.

Tile-Lite is purely a life saver, Based upon my original early warning detectable surface Tile or comonly known as the ADA Tile. The Tile-lite is a information system for the Visually and Hearing impaired/challenged.

This time stop machine automobile contains the following details. Two electrostatic bearings that are spheres shown in pink. Two pico-lasers, one two stop and one to move, which can be either gamma-ray lasers that utilize dipositronium or a more futuristic pico-laser a constant/variable neutrino laser beam.

This is a new wheel assembly in a combination of a rim, tire and a hoop member that encircles the outer periphery of the tire. The hoop member is a combination of two rigid circular bands of metal spaced apart and restrained by a rigid bracing.

This simple equipment is designed to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness level regarding time and material spent in tire manufacturing processes.

In current textile plies knitwork stage as initial process to make casing plies,

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