Today, data is collected globally from multiple sources via GPS and other handheld devices, stored in the cloud and left to the user to figure out the value of this data, and what to do with it.

I have some bad news: every depiction of people in space that you have ever seen, every movie, every SF short story, is complete rubbish! Reality has shot down our dreams.

This problem jumped out at us from new data on radiation safety for humans in space,

The common person's boat, back water hospital, mobile generation station, loitering platform. Has the capability to mount over 3 Kw of solar and 14 Kw of alkaline fuel cell (NH3 ammonia with cracker or straight hydrogen).

INTERSTATE CLOSED AGAIN DUE TO JACKKNIFED TRACTOR TRAILER! This headline occurs far too frequently. Truck jackknives occur when the deviation angle between the tractor and the trailer gets too large. The front of the tractor moves like the folding blade of a jackknife (See Figure 1).

A simple way to improve fuel economy for all vehicles would be to time the traffic signals so that cars and trucks traveling at the posted speed limit would pass through one green light after another during the commute. Besides conserving fuel,

This concept is a design to eliminate the low pressure area to the rear of a semi traileer van. The purpose is to reduce the drag created when the vehicle is in motion causing a reduction in fuel economy.

THE “APPARATUS FOR THE CONTAINMENT OF NUCLEAR MELTDOWN DEBRIS” depends in part upon a unique corrugated Transparent Aluminum alloy “Slam-Dome” that is mounted over a super-plastic-lined, 16-sided, reinforced concrete,

The 2000 presidential election debacle revealed serious flaws in U.S. voting systems. Ambiguity in a “butterfly” ballot design caused many voters to select Pat Buchanan by mistake. Ambiguity in partially-punched chads led to tedious, inconclusive recounts. The “remedies” instituted since then are often no better,

This new drum system is much more effective than a typical crank shaft and results in less energy loss. It also allows fewer parts to be used, performing all the functions necessary to operate the motor. The engine will continue to use the Otto cycle.

We already have the tools to prevent another accident like Air France 447. Lidar or laser radar true airspeed meters are in use at university wind tunnels, National Center for Atmospheric Research and NASA wind tunnels.

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