Analog to Digital Converters, ADC, provide digital representations of analog voltages/power for digital signal processing and control circuitry.

As sampling rates increase, problems of temperature drift, noise, aperture uncertainty and many more factors are exacerbated. Around 1978 a very bright Engineering Technician ( Bob ),

Very high magnetic fields (>1 Tesla) are needed to operate Magnetic Resonance Scanners. The equipment (superconductors coils or rare earth permanent magnets) which generates such fields are one of the reasons for the high cost of the scanners.

Thumb screws, wing nuts or knobs are usually hand tightened to secure parts that do not require large clamping forces. However, they are subject to undesirable loosening due to vibration.

There is a need for a more reliable hand tightened fastener that does not loosen.


The vibratory cavitation piston pumps (VCPP) are intended for moving and spraying solutions and aggressive liquids.

It is remarkably that the VCPP technology was opened,

The object of this project is to build a better 3-wheeled vehicle by using a virtual axis steer system (VASS) on the one front wheel of a (1F2R) trike.

This system is designed for use as an inexpensive high performance, all weather, high gas mileage, safe,

You will be able to change the color or color design on your car by using a computer in your car. An LCD screen will be on the outside of the car displaying the color/design underneath the safety of plexiglass. You will also be able to display advertisements. Wow!

There are many efforts to use technology to provide navigational aid to the visually impaired. The technologies available today, including the global positioning system (GPS) and powerful mobile devices, have enabled a range of solutions. Unfortunately, many of these solutions fall short of ideal.

After age of 40 a problem with the near vision of people appear. It is called presbyopia and it is caused by the loss of the flexibility of the lens inside the eyes. In this way the focusing ability for near vision is disturbed – reading newspapers,

Vision Intelligence Traffic Automated Lights

The VITAL system will controls traffic lights based on vision sensors and analysis of information. Will help to make traffic more fluid, generating savings to drivers and reducing unnecessary pollution by reducing gas consumption.

The system will be based on “Intelligent” nodes.

Did you ever want to play your favorite songs on a piano but did not find the correct notes? Did you ever want to learn music but never found time for it due to busy work schedule and other committments? No problem, because I have a solution.

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