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Introducing the Wobbli - Hand Drill Powered Wallboard Outlet Cutout Tool - Needs Just Seconds to Cut an Exact Hole to Make Quick Work of Your Projects - Faster and Less Dust than any other method!

Contractors have lots to do to make your projects come to life. Having wallboard or sheetrock going up means it's getting closer to being done. They have to cutout the wallboard to expose the electrical sockets and switches, the Wobbli makes quick work of that. Some contractors use a small router bit, that makes a bunch of dust though. Others like the hand saw. It's nice, the blade end is tapered and very sharp and you can likely 'jam' it right through the ...

Many people use roller skates, skate boards or even ice skates. Traveling short distances with these devices is fun and good exercise. However, a simple device called WROOM BROOM would make longer distance travel with rolling foorwear a breeze.

WROOM BROOM takes up no more room in a closet or a corner than an ordinary broom. It has only one moving part, a motorized wheel at the broom end of the stick.

Using WROOM BROOM one would straddle the stick which would have a simple bicycle seat and a strap across the knees for support basically providing a solid 3 point support of the rider.

Power to the motor is provided by a backpack battery which is rechargeable and ...

The loss of life in the case of a home fire can be quick and devastating. Often pets or children are involved and often the fires start at night and in the winter or due to foul play.

What can a parent do to help fire personnel quickly locate their children if they are unable in the case of heavy smoke or being cut off?

One answer might be an add-on or new device based on an old idea of a sticker: the idea is to have an LED flashing "x" marks the spot.

This remotely activated red colored LED "x" can be set off by a smoke detector that sends a wireless signal to this solar or lithium battery ...

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