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In response to the attack on our personal security (schools and all locations) Americans face a grave threat to human life here in the U.S., and around the world. I have designed a New Generation Long Range Radar Materials Detector. The Active Gun detection Unit (AGU-900) detects explosive and most materials at long range. This device work much like a radar gun that addresses security issues by providing a very fast responsive solution, they detect guns and materials quickly, and are easy to use.

There is unprecedented demand for a security device that can provide protection, for most all applications that is the AGU-900. Also the AGU-900 (long range detection device) will identify an array of small arms; explosive ...

Data acquisition has become widely available to specific applications in the consumer space, most prominently fitness. The data collected from fitness watches helps athletes optimize their training and adds to the competitive nature of sports. For example, cyclists don't only compare elapsed time but also power, heart rate, cadence, speed and climb rate.

Data like these can be useful in far more areas than the main fitness applications they are available for.

The data acquisition unit shown in this entry is intended to be flexible enough to use in a wide variety of applications including automotive racing, motorcycle racing, running, cycling, snowboarding, skate boarding, surfing, skydiving, and kayaking. Inside the box are a 3 axis accelerometer, a 3 axis ...

Appearance of the “smart” appliances on the market has generated a demand for an electronically controlled variable flow control valve for cooking appliances, fire places, water and house heating systems. We believe that our product provides key features for the consumer appliance industry and creates a bridge between the appliances and smart portable devices and/or centralized hose control systems and thereby increasing quality of modern life. These key features are:

• Reliability
• Low cost
• Compactness
• Responsiveness
• Fail-safe
• Wide range of adjustment
• Efficiency

There are two main systems for variable control of fluid flow currently available to the appliance market: a) modulated solenoid valves and b) rotational valves with different types of actuation. Bulky ...

This grill is made by using only one piece of stainless steel. The great thing about it is that you can fold it by your self, and it doesnt need any grip, screw or welding. This new design reduce the time and costs of production, it have about 317% more space of packaging lets say that one of our competition can put 600 grills, ours ...

This is a full metal cover hybrid windshield wiper blade. It is a new design that is covered full world first. And, it consists of less parts. It is easy to manufacture. In addition, the even pressure distribution wave is shorter so, it gives you best initial wiping and best durability. It makes your windshield more clear fosafety's ...

Mixer is one of the most popular kitchen appliances, and its main purpose - is to mix and churning in the home. A large number of designs mixers for use in the home. Basically it is mixers, creating fluid rotation using rotary working bodies various types.

However, the existing mixers have some serious drawbacks: they are short-lived, noisy, complicated in construction, etc.

For today, trend towards the increased use of medicinal and biologically active substances of plant origin is very pronounced. At home, people most often insist various teas and herbs.
For the extraction from these substances conventionally used in insisting hot or boiling water. However, it is known that at temperatures above 55 degrees, the biologically active ...

Bar means any railing that divides a room, or office, or hall of assembly, in order to reserve a space for those having special privileges as the bar of the House of Commons. Guest house means the small house or cottage adjacent to a main house, used for lodging guests, there can be beds-and-breakfast in it. It is also defined as business and commerce, a private home or boarding house offering accommodation, especially to travelers.

This house plan consists of a bar hall and ten bedrooms for the guest house whereby five of them at the right side elevation are self contained rooms and at the left side elevation are not self contained rooms you may also find ...

Although thousands of types of filters work functionally and efficiently, cleaning up filter housings and processing collected dust is a dirty and messy burden in all applications such as vacuum cleaner, dust collector, air cleaner, HVAC, air intake, waste water treatment etc. Dust exposure and dirt contacting are dangerousally for people suffering from allergy and asthma, or public service persons fight in fields of chemistry leak, biochemistry pollution, crime scenes, sanitary area etc.

Typical designs of flat filter panels and cylindrical cartridges can’t contain collected dust and dirt, dust fall on floor or the bottom of the housing. Popular bag filters do capture most of dust inside, but fine particles penetrate through the porous bag wall ...

Illumiway, A multi use invention!
1: For anyone needing help to save your life in an emergency.
2: For everyone else, Lighting up your home or driveway at night.
Both may be sold as one unit, or we may sell them separately.
The 1st feature of Illumiway is helping to save your life in an emergency.

In your home, there would be a switch to turn on the red blinking light on your mailbox or on the front of your house in a life threatening situation, (burglary or health) to let the emergency vehicles know exactly where your house is, and so no one has to stand out by the road waiting for them to wave them down. ...

Isowalk is an intelligent mobility aid designed to replace the walking cane. Unlike the cane - a passive and ergonomically hostile device meant only to keep the user from falling - Isowalk provides active walking assistance that conforms its performance and response to each individual user, and provides a vastly superior mobility experience for any person that needs or wants the help. Isowalk's innovations have already been awarded two US utility patents.

Isowalk updates what is likely the world's oldest technology with modern advancements in ergonomics, aerospace-inspired engineering, materials and design aesthetics. It is also configurable as a digital 'smart object' in a connected health/wellness environment. Using low-power wireless technologies, connected Isowalk models can send/receive alerts, provide real-time and ...

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