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Torch with Acupressure points.
INDIA is one of the biggest consumers of Torches. And in India the biggest users of Torches are the poor security guard, farmers, villagers and the peoples who are still too far away from the electricity.

A device for transferring resonant magnetic energy between a source of current and the human body.
This is a compact device which serves to provide a localized application of magnetic energy to electrically-charged tissues,

MASTER SWITCH -- the name itself refers that it's an advanced switch, when we compare to normal switches. In any switches do they provide fuse contact , NO ,the manufacturer of switch board always gives us common fuse ,

Of major concern to food producers is the waste of costly spices and flavorings lost and non-recoverable during the manufacturing process. In the cooking/packaging processes spices/flavorings are sprayed onto products such as potato chips, corn chips or cookie-bars in liquified or aerosolized form.

If you have three contacts for monovision, you need this invention!

As a person ages, the lens inside his/her eyes loses elasticity and is no longer able to focus on images, such as printing, up close. Traditionally, this condition, called presbyopia, has been corrected by wearing reading glasses,

The mosquito-bourne spread of diseases is a challenge humans are facing. To repel the mosquito, various devices are available. Domestically popular are mainly the Allethrin family of Pesticides. Even though the air-bourne potency is 0.1% of the hazardous level, still many people are found allergic to them.

Macjames Multisurface Degreaser/Cleaner detergent is an emulsifying non-solvent and non-acidic based degreasing foaming surfactant cleaner. It emulsifies grease, oil, rust and heavy dirt and cleanses them from surfaces (metal, plastic,wood,concrete, or rubber) without deforming them (substrates). It was researched, developed and manufactured because acidic, petroleum distillates,

NoireNaturals LLC is a completely all-natural line of hair care products, designed to cater to the unique needs of kinky, curly, and wavy hair. The goal of this product line is to help ease the anxiety and challenges that come along with maintaining textured hair types,

Oozy Eggs - The first scented bath toy that entertains, excites, teaches, and softens skin for kids!

Background of the Invention:

Children have always been notorious for avoiding bathing and spending any large amounts of time in the bath.

This innovative électrical roof opener is designed for slightly sloped roofing that is normally not habitable. By lifting the roof and reversing the slope, the prototype transform the roof into a beautiful terrace for outside living.

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