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Romantaque - Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion is a novel cosmetic that when applied to normal & intact skin after hair is removed by TWEP (Threading, Waxing, Epilation or Plucking) inhibits the hair growth increasing time gap between next need to remove hair session. It reduces the rate at which hair grows, weakens hair reduces pain of hair removal, affects hair constitution affecting appearance of hair. When used consistently reduces the frequency and urgency to get rid of unwanted hair frequently.

There are plenty of options tried out over last century from sandpaper to sugar, and X rays to laser to get rid of unwanted hair . However there is no satisfactory solution that would be affordable and ...

The salsa market is in a recession. The only options are glass jars that do not adequately solve the issue of consuming the recommended weekly serving of salsa. Glass is used simply because it has a larger shelf life, allowing grocery stores to stock items longer if they do not sell. Longer shelf life means more time at room temperature, and more opportunity for wonderful, fresh salsa to lose its zest. Additionally, the glass standard requires use of another receptacle for salsa distribution as the jar is simply not large enough. This process creates significant problems for the average salsa consumer: an extra bowl must be used if there is any prospect of communal salsa ingestion, and secondly, the ...

Recent research conducted has shown that there is an increasing trend among the world’s white-collar population. Due to the rapidly expanding industries, people in the middle income group are getting busier. Consequently, this group of people would need help in reducing their workload at home. Hence, introducing a new product called the Scented-steaming Folder. It is a machine that folds, irons and add fragrance to clothes simultaneously. This system reduces the number of steps required for housekeeping. This would then serve to save time and money, which are invaluable assets to the working-class.

The mechanism of the Scented-steaming Folder is structured in such a way that it folds according to how a shirt or piece of clothing needs to ...

Battery-less/wireless ISM ENIGMA Switch Transmitter with dimming feature:
Model: ISM-SW-105D (Option 915 MHz or 868 MHz)

Wireless Receiver Module
Model: ISM-RM-106D (Option 915 MHz or 868 MHz)

Product information on ISM ENIGMA Battery-less & Wireless electrical switches with dimming features and ISM ENIGMA Electrical Energy Harvesting Generation for small to large scale power generation.

A novel concept in battery-less technology. Signals travel through multi-floors of a home or building up to several hundred feet in most cases with a tested outdoor distance of 500 feet.

Upon momentary rotation of the axial sphere, a series of pulses of electrical energy are generated, with a peak to peak value of 28 VAC. This form of alternating current is then converted ...

This design offers a better method for the placement of a shelf. Many past and current methods place the shelf on a bracket where the shelf is either permanently secured or requires timely labor to remove it from the wall. Once the bracket is mounted to the wall, this design allows very easy installation and removal of any shelf, as a result with the removal, permitting easy access for wall cleaning or painting or quickly freeing more usable floor area, or in the designer’s case quick access to power cords behind their electronic equipment.

This bracket, Illustration 1, can be manufactured for architectural or commercial/industrial usage. It can be created to accept many types of shelving materials in a ...

Shoe Bottom Cleaner for Automobile Riders.

This simple shoe bottom cleanser can be mounted to the underside of an auto body to remove debris, snow, ice, mud, etc from the bottom of rider's shoe before entering the car thus keep the interior of one's car clean and sanitary. The rider unlock the unit with touch latch and the brush pops open before entering the car. The user needs to simply wipe his or her shoe soles against the surface of the brush. The cleaner is a long brush strip mounted onto an L shaped metal frame with one end pivot-ally attached to an L or U shaped metal housing unit as shown in the illustration. The device is firmly ...

Product Description
Rocken’s first innovative product is the world’s first helmet with a fully integrated visor capable of sealing against the face of the skier. When deployed within the field of view, the visor seals against the face to prevent cold wind from seeping in.

Contrarily to motorcycle helmets where the visor pivots on a single transversal axis, Rocken’s patented helmet technology allows the visor to move along a precise trajectory, shaped as a “J” lying on its side. The visor is attached to a guiding mechanism that guides the visor along the trajectory which extends from a retracted position, close to the front of the helmet and above the skier’s field of view, to a deployed position within ...

As there is always high demand for food plants and the price for the good ground in some countries is too high there is always high demand for new food making technologies.

As the tropic regions and the deserts have very difficult ground conditions (temperature, humidity) and there is the high demand to save the local cultures and the forests you can put the fields higher up in the air to have the better conditions.

You can save the forests, decrease the use of gases on the ground, get much larger harvests from the tropic countries (you can get the stable harvest several times per year).

This is not so difficult and cheap enough. All the countries as from the ...

Sleeping Device

About the problem

Modern life stressing activities, daily chores and technological gadgets are constantly withdrawing one´s attention for increasingly longer periods. For many people, anticipating thoughts of forthcoming activities often come to mind at bed time, bringing with them worries and anxiety that prevent proper relaxation for a good sleepy condition (i.e. insomnia).

Currently available solutions

Traditionally, this problem has been addressed by taking sleeping pills, which have side effects, or a change in habits. More recently, alternative methods for relaxation have been introduced to the general public like meditation techniques, conducting the practioner to empty the mind through avoidance of thoughts.

The proposed solution

This prototype of a sleeping device inducts the observer to a sleepy ...

In this life, rubbish is a problem that often arises in daily life which can lead to in terms of both health and natural balance. Problems arising in this, our team makes innovations to the trash bins in the process make both organic and non-organic (except made of iron, aluminum, and glass) into rubbish both in terms of cleanliness and hygiene are also environmentally friendly on the end result of the process called Smart Trash.

This tool was initially originated from rubbish is heated to the temperature of 1000'C in vats made specifically to be able to withstand the heat, of course, the barrel contained within rubbish tank-stick.

Parts are:
- Tong Aluminum
- Bath Shelter Anti Sticky
- ...

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