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Romantaque - Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion is a novel cosmetic that when applied to normal & intact skin after hair is removed by TWEP (Threading, Waxing, Epilation or Plucking) inhibits the hair growth increasing time gap between next need to remove hair session.

The salsa market is in a recession. The only options are glass jars that do not adequately solve the issue of consuming the recommended weekly serving of salsa. Glass is used simply because it has a larger shelf life,

Recent research conducted has shown that there is an increasing trend among the world’s white-collar population. Due to the rapidly expanding industries, people in the middle income group are getting busier. Consequently, this group of people would need help in reducing their workload at home. Hence,

Battery-less/wireless ISM ENIGMA Switch Transmitter with dimming feature:
Model: ISM-SW-105D (Option 915 MHz or 868 MHz)

Wireless Receiver Module
Model: ISM-RM-106D (Option 915 MHz or 868 MHz)

Product information on ISM ENIGMA Battery-less &

This design offers a better method for the placement of a shelf. Many past and current methods place the shelf on a bracket where the shelf is either permanently secured or requires timely labor to remove it from the wall. Once the bracket is mounted to the wall,

Shoe Bottom Cleaner for Automobile Riders.

This simple shoe bottom cleanser can be mounted to the underside of an auto body to remove debris, snow, ice, mud, etc from the bottom of rider's shoe before entering the car thus keep the interior of one's car clean and sanitary.

Product Description
Rocken’s first innovative product is the world’s first helmet with a fully integrated visor capable of sealing against the face of the skier. When deployed within the field of view, the visor seals against the face to prevent cold wind from seeping in.

As there is always high demand for food plants and the price for the good ground in some countries is too high there is always high demand for new food making technologies.

As the tropic regions and the deserts have very difficult ground conditions (temperature,

Sleeping Device

About the problem

Modern life stressing activities, daily chores and technological gadgets are constantly withdrawing one´s attention for increasingly longer periods. For many people, anticipating thoughts of forthcoming activities often come to mind at bed time,

In this life, rubbish is a problem that often arises in daily life which can lead to in terms of both health and natural balance. Problems arising in this,

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